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Difference between Ego and Etek Paintball Guns


Ego vs. Etek Paintball Guns

What is difference between Ego and Etek Paintball Guns? People look for entertainment in different games and sports, individually or as a team, and in the last 34 years Paintball has become a very popular game. Ego and Etek are two variations of weapons used in this game and this article discusses the differences between these two weapons.

Difference between Ego and Etek Paintball Guns

Paintball is a game that can be played individually or in teams, with the aim of eliminating opponents by shooting them with outgoing capsules of weapons specially made for paintball. Different environments can be adapted for players to take on opponents, including obstacles and setting different targets for the winning team.

There are several objectives to meet in the game, such as eliminating all opponents, capturing a particular territory or attacking a specific target. These games can last from a few minutes to several hours depending on the rules, players and objectives.

The Ego gun is a high-performance, electro-pneumatic face gun that uses a pneumatic solenoid to operate, which controls how the paint capsule charges and fires. There are four components to this weapon, which includes:

  • Body: contains the main components, the frame of the trigger, the padlock and the valve, usually made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Charger: component that stores the capsules and feed on gravity, agitation and feeding force.
  • Tank: component that stores compressed gas, such as carbon dioxide, industrial nitrogen or propane.
  • Container: component that causes the capsules to travel to the part where they shoot usually made of aluminum. There are one, two and three containers of different types of markers that usually measure three to twenty-one inches long, although there are up to 36 inches.

The Etek model is an electro-pneumatic weapon that is a little more accessible. Contains a container, double trigger and multiple trigger modes, an interior line and low pressure regulator, bottle adapter.

Although both weapons are similar, there are differences between them, among which are:

  • The Etek model does not have an LCD screen, instead it uses LED lights.
  • The Etek model is the best machine for cost.
  • The Etek model is a bit heavier.

Both models have the ability to shoot in semi-automatic mode and their radio is excellent in accuracy and confidence. Both use nine-volt batteries and it is recommended to perform a maintenance routine. If this is done, they will have a more lasting life. The maintenance consists of lubricating the weapon, cleaning it and oiling the adapter.

In Summary:

  • The Ego model is more expensive, higher performance and electro pneumatic, but the Etek model is a model lower than the Ego.
  • The Etek model does not have an LCD screen, instead it uses LED lights.
  • The Etek model is the best machine for cost.
  • The Etek model is a bit heavier

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