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Difference between Eau De Toilette and Aftershave

Difference between Eau De Toilette and Aftershave

Navigating the myriad of scented products on the market today can be confusing and overwhelming. With aftershave, cologne, Eau de perfume, eau de toilette – what do they all mean? In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of fragrances available, including a closer look at eau de toilette and aftershave. Learn about their unique notes and subtleties in scent before choosing which one to wear for your evening out or special occasion!

What is Eau De Toilette?

Eau De Toilette is a French term for toilet water, and it is a perfumed liquid that can be sprayed on the body as a form of fragrance. Eau De Toilette contains high concentrations of fragrant essential oils, is lighter than Eau De Parfum, and lasts longer than Eau de Cologne. Eau De Toilette offers an intense and lingering scent that makes it the perfect choice for any special occasion. It has a sophisticated blend of long-lasting aromas, making this luxurious product an ideal gifting option or indulgence treat. Eau De Toilette is sure to transform an everyday look into something incredible!

What is Aftershave?

Aftershave is a fragranced liquid made from alcohol, water, and essential oils that is traditionally used by men to close the pores on the skin after shaving with a razor.

  • Aftershaves can have a moderate astringent action, but mostly provide a pleasant scent in addition to hydrating and toning post-shaven skin. Aftershave is also beneficial for reducing razor burns, bumps, and cuts resulting from shaving.
  • Aftershave often contains antiseptic agents such as benzalkonium chloride that help fight bacterial growth on freshly shaven skin which can lead to irritation and infection.
  • Although commonly used by men, aftershave can be applied by anyone who shaves the face and is an important part of both male and female grooming routines.

Difference between Eau De Toilette and Aftershave

Eau De Toilette and Aftershave are two essential products in any man’s grooming routine, but many people don’t know the difference between them.

  • Eau De Toilette is a lighter version of Eau de Parfum, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. It features a lower concentration of fragrance oil, which results in a less intense and longer-lasting scent.
  • On the other hand, Aftershave is usually scented with a cologne-style fragrance and is designed to soothe the skin after shaving.
  • The main difference between Eau De Toilette and Aftershave is that Eau De Toilette provides a subtle aroma for everyday use whereas Aftershave focuses on soothing skin irritation caused by shaving.

Both products can have complementary fragrances to enhance each other, creating an even better wearer experience.


Eau de toilette is a light fragrance that is applied to the skin after showering or bathing. Aftershave is a heavier scent that is applied to the face immediately after shaving. It’s important to know the difference when shopping for men’s fragrances because they are not interchangeable products.

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