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Difference between Drinking and Mineral Water | Drinking vs. Mineral Water

Difference between Drinking and Mineral Water

Drinking vs. Mineral Water

Difference between Drinking and Mineral Water: – Water is vital for humans and all other living things (surely you already knew that), but not all water is consumed by us. The way in which this substance is distributed and consumed depends on the country and even on the economic resources that people have.

Difference between Drinking and Mineral Water

As we know that water is very important to you (as it is to the rest of the world), we will tell you what is the difference between normal drinking water and mineral water (the two types of water we mostly consume).

Drinking Water
What we call normal water is the one that in some countries like the United States is consumed in the homes because it arrives to them by means of the pipes, nevertheless, in other countries (many of Latin America) is obtained bottled in bottles or plastic bottles; due to the danger that the water in the pipes is contaminated by not being properly treated.

Normal water, either from the pipe or from bottles, is treated to remove bacteria and other microorganisms that can be harmful to health and cause death. This water is much cheaper than mineral water.

Mineral Water
In countries where water can be consumed from pipes (for drinking), mineral water is known as bottled water; however, in general, what differentiates the first from the second is not the packaging; but the fact that the second contains minerals which may or may not be added artificially for the purpose of improving taste or for therapeutic purposes.

In addition, mineral water is obtained from the original source. It can be packaged in plastic or glass bottles. It is called this way because it usually contains iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium and other minerals.

Finally, mineral water is much more expensive than normal water and annually millions of bottles of this type of water are sold around the world.

Key differences between Normal Drinking water and Mineral water

  • Normal water is cheaper than mineral water.
  • Mineral water contains sodium, potassium, calcium, zinc, and other minerals; while normal water does not usually contain them and if it does contain them in smaller proportions.
  • Mineral water is often more recommended than normal water for health care.

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