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Difference between Dream and Vision

Difference between Dream and Vision

Dream vs. Vision

Difference between Dream and Vision: – The future has always been a topic of interest for human beings, hence in every age we speak of prophets, oracles, diviners … and also that people (or at least most of them) work and plan for the future.

When we imagine how things will be in a time, we can have joy or sadness; but we can also realize how close or far we are to achieving our dreams or, we could have a vision that later allows us to perform actions and achieve incredible things.

Difference between Dream and Vision

As we all have or have had, but some may confuse one thing and another; then we will tell you what the difference between dream and vision is.

The vision in this case has nothing to do with the sense of sight; but refers to thinking and foresight that allows us later to carry out actions by means of which we can achieve our goals.

Vision is always a program or project oriented towards the future. It is an idea that is intended to become a reality. It is not just about having an idea about something, but also about what is expected to become something.

Vision is a friend of expectation, and it requires imagination and knowledge; both of oneself and of the environment.

A person with vision looks at any external object and is inspired. Each vision has its purpose, a general goal; which is to inspire who has it.

Vision is the act or power of anticipating what will or may become something later. It has different names depending on the context, from prophetic vision to business vision.

To be visionary you have to be very intuitive and have a lot of imagination. It is one of the characteristics attributed to the leaders.

In this sense, we are not referring to the dreams we have in sleep; but to those who are awake. Dreams are images, ideas and thoughts that the individual is formed in relation to his person or certain things that he wants to live, experience or achieve.

Unlike visionaries, dreamers (there are exceptions) do not always try or care about actions that allow them to make their dreams come true. It can be said that a dreamer is more passive than a visionary.

Dreams are not necessarily realistic; however, it is common for visions to be realistic. Unlike the vision, the dreams we all have; some dream one thing and others dream another, but in the end, the phrase “daydreaming” is not alien to any of us.

Key Differences between Vision and Dream

  • The vision often goes hand in hand with a plan that is intended to be implemented in the future, while a dream is an idea or thought that we have and that constitutes a desire for what is expected in the future.
  • Dreamers are often more passive than visionaries.
  • A dream does not necessarily have to be realistic, but visions generally are.

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