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Difference between Dream and Fantasy | Dream vs. Fantasy

Difference between Dream and Fantasy | Dream vs. Fantasy

Dream vs. Fantasy

Difference between Dream and Fantasy: – Dreams and fantasies are very important psychic processes for human beings. We are all familiar with both, but we do not all know how to differentiate between them.

If you are aware that fantasies and dreams are not the same, but you cannot explain the difference between Dream and Fantasy; continue reading, because then we will tell you what it is.

Difference between Dream and Fantasy

When you fall asleep, dreaming is the only thing you need so that in the daytime you can say that you had a perfect night. When people dream it is because they are deeply asleep and sleeping that way is beneficial for the body and mind. During that process, the brain organizes data; which causes that upon awakening people feel that their energy has been renewed.

For a long time, scientists, researchers and psychiatrists have been very interested in the nature of dreams; however, studies in that field are somewhat limited.

When we dream we are not aware of the environment that surrounds us. In addition, you could say that dreams are not “rational”; since we do not control what happens in them. They are a species of metaphors related to the things that we live during the vigil.

Fantasies are things that people imagine while they are awake. Everyone controls more or less what happens in their fantasies. They may be aware of or come from the subconscious.

It is said that they help people deal with difficult situations that occur in reality, but some researchers believe that these are not as positive as most believe and in some cases are symptoms of personality problems. In spite of everything, the fantasies are usually the raw material for the most diverse artistic expressions; such as literature, painting.

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