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Difference between Donut and Bagel | Donut vs. Bagel

Difference between Donut and Bagel | Donut vs. Bagel

Donut vs. Bagel

Difference between donut and bagel: – Both donuts and bagels have evolved to become an important part of breakfast in different countries. For years, the popularity of both foods has been growing in the Western Hemisphere, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Difference between donut and bagel

Both are marketed in a similar way (round with a hole that crosses them in the middle), so naturally it is not surprising that many people are confused and come to believe that it is the same; which is not true.

If you have doubts about what is the difference between donut and bagel or just looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know around to this interesting topic.

The bagel is prepared by forming a firm mass of flour high in gluten or bread flour. Said dough is first molded in the classic way in which the bagel is consumed, that is, it is given a round shape and then drilled to mark the hole in the middle.

After this, the bagel is boiled in water for about two minutes, until the starch it contains is completely gelatinized. Once this process is completed, the bagel is ready to acquire a crisp texture that sets it apart from the donut.

The boiled bagel is then placed in the oven at 500 ° Fahrenheit for about ten or fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, donuts are most appreciated among food lovers, especially among those who love sweets. These are made of a lighter mass than the bagels; this mass is first left with yeast, baking powder or any other chemical used in these cases.

The process that is followed to make the donuts is similar to that of the bagels, since they are prepared with the same form of ring and fried in oil. The difference in this case is that the donuts do not boil before frying them, although they can be put in the oven if you want a healthier alternative and avoid frying.

Finally, apart from the preparation, donuts and bagels also differ by how they are covered. At first they are put seeds of sesame, garlic and other types of seeds and soon they are covered with a soft layer of cream of cheese; while donuts are often covered with jam, cream and other ingredients such as caramel, chocolate and colorful sparks.

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