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Difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama

As the U.S. Presidential election nears, many people are trying to figure out who to vote for. On one side, you have Donald Trump, a wealthy businessman with no political experience. On the other side, you have Barack Obama, who has been the President of the United States for 8 years. So, how do these two candidates compare? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is an American businessman, television personality, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump began his real estate career at his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump & Son, in the 1970s.

  • He later expanded his business into Manhattan, where he became known for his lavish lifestyle and controversial statements. In 2015, he announced his candidacy for president as a member of the Republican Party.
  • Throughout his campaign, Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” and advocated for stricter immigration policies, lower taxes, and an improved healthcare system. He won the 2016 election against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.
  • As president, Donald Trump has continued to implement many of his campaign promises, including withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
  • His policies and statements have been widely criticized by both Republicans and Democrats. Nonetheless, he remains one of the most influential political figures in the world today.

Who is Barack Obama?

  • Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States, serving from 2009 to 2017. He was the first African American to hold office, and his election represented a historic turning point for the nation.
  • Obama’s two terms in office were marked by economic recovery, tax reform, healthcare reform, and progress on social issues such as marriage equality and climate change. On the foreign policy front, Obama oversaw the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran.
  • After leaving office, Obama remained active in politics, supporting candidates in the 2018 midterm elections and working on his memoirs. Barack Obama is a symbol of hope and progress for many Americans, and his legacy will continue to shape the country for years to come.

Difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama

There are a few key differences between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

  • For one, Obama was born into a middle-class family while Trump was born into a wealthy family. As a result, Obama has a more relatable backstory for many Americans.
  • Additionally, Obama is a Democrat while Trump is a Republican. This means that they have different ideologies when it comes to how the government should operate.
  • Finally, Obama is Black while Trump is White. This difference is significant because it means that they have different perspectives on race relations in America.

Overall, these key differences between Donald Trump and Barack Obama help to explain why they have such different policies and views on the country.


It’s not just about their policies – it’s about how they connect with people. Obama was able to tap into people’s emotions and feelings, while Trump relies more on persuasion tactics. Understanding these differences can help us understand why one president was successful and the other is struggling.

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