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Difference between DMV and RMV

Difference between DMV and RMV

When most people think of the DMV, they think of the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, there is another DMV – the RMV “Registry of Motor Vehicles”. What’s the difference between these two government organizations? And why should you care? Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the DMV and RMV.

What is DMV?

DMV is the acronym for “Department of Motor Vehicles”. DMV is a government agency that is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and license plates.

DMV also keeps track of all driver records, including accidents and traffic violations. In some states, DMV is also responsible for administering driver’s education courses and road tests.

In most states, DMV is a division of the state Department of Transportation. However, in some states, DMV is a separate agency. DMV offices are typically located in shopping centers or strip malls. Some DMV offices offer extended hours or Saturday hours for customer convenience.

What is RMV?

RMV, or the Registry of Motor Vehicles, is the state agency responsible for maintaining records of all licensed drivers and vehicles in Massachusetts. The RMV also issues driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, and ID cards. In addition, the RMV handles the registration and titling of vehicles, as well as issuing license plates and disability placards. The RMV also provides a number of online services, such as renewing a driver’s license or registering a vehicle.

Difference between DMV and RMV

DMV stands for the “Department of Motor Vehicles.” The DMV is a state-run agency that handles all aspects of vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, and driver safety. In contrast, the RMV is a division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation that focuses solely on vehicle registration and driver’s licenses. While both agencies are responsible for issuing driver’s licenses, the DMV also handles things like car titles and registration, while the RMV does not. The RMV is also responsible for road safety, whereas the DMV is not. As such, the two agencies have different functions and responsibilities.


The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a government agency that oversees and regulates the motor vehicle industry in a particular state. The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), on the other hand, is an arm of the DMV that issues driver’s licenses and handles other registration matters.

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