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Difference between Defence and Defense

Difference between Defence and Defense

There is a lot of confusion over the words “defence” and “defense”, so in this post, we will clear things up and explain the difference between the two. We’ll start with the definitions according to Merriam-Webster:
“defence” is defined as “the act of defending someone or something” and “defense” is defined as “a law that defends people’s rights”. So what’s the difference? The main difference is that defence refers to defending people or things, whereas defense can be used to refer to both legal and military protection. In terms of usage, defense is more common in the US, whilst defence is more common in Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada.

What is Defence?

Defence is the process of protecting a country or territory from enemy attacks. It can be done through military force, economic sanctions, or political diplomacy. Military defence involves the use of soldiers, tanks, planes, and other weapons to ward off an attacker. The economic defence typically involves trade restrictions or tariffs that make it difficult for an aggressor to economically benefit from attacking. Political defence usually takes the form of negotiations and treaties that reduce the chances of a conflict. Defence is a complex and multi-faceted issue, and there is no single solution that will work in all situations. Instead, countries must tailor their defences to meet the specific threats they face.

What is Defense?

Defense is the protects a nation from outside military threats. It is the job of the defense to keep the nation’s citizens safe and its borders secure. Defense typically involves two main actions: deterring potential aggressors and responding to actual threats. Deterrence is achieved by maintaining a strong military capability that makes it clear to potential aggressors that an attack would be met with a robust response. Responding to actual threats usually takes the form of either repelling an invader or, more commonly, conducting military operations against enemy forces that are already within the nation’s borders. Defense is a critically important function of any state and one that requires significant resources and careful planning.

Difference between Defence and Defense

Defence and Defense are both spellings of the same word, meaning the action of protecting something or someone. The only difference is in their respective orthographies. Defence is used in British English, while Defence is used in American English. There is no difference in meaning between the two spellings. They can both be used interchangeably, depending on the preference of the writer or publication. In summary, Defence and Defense are two ways to spell the same word, with Defence being used in British English and Defence being used in American English. There is no difference in meaning between the two.


The difference between defense and defence is subtle, but important. Defense is a term used in the United States, while defence is the preferred spelling in other countries. The two words have different meanings, with defense being more militaristic and offence being more aggressive. Remembering the difference can help you avoid embarrassment and ensure your writing is accurate.

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