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Difference between Data and Information | Data vs. Information

Difference between Data and Information | Data vs. Information

Data vs. Information

Difference between Data and Information: – Information and data are quite related, so much so that many believe it is the same and sometimes use these words as if they were synonymous. To avoid that you incur conceptual errors and clarify some of your doubts, and then we tell you what the difference between data and information is.

Difference between Data and Information

The data describe raw facts empirically, that is, they are taken without being processed or analyzed. Values ​​of qualitative or quantitative variables, numbers, letters or characters are data.

Generally, the data are collected by some type of measurement. If we compare the data and information with the matter, we could say that the first are the atoms that make up the second.

When the data are processed and analyzed, so that we can predict or understand reality through them then we say that it is information. Information is the knowledge communicated or received concerning particular facts or circumstances. The symbols that make up the information can be interpreted as messages.

The information is much more complex than the data; since in the knowledge and distribution of this our perceptions and sometimes even our feelings intervene provoking that from the same reality or fact different information is obtained.

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