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Difference between Cute and Handsome

Difference between Cute and Handsome

Cute vs. Handsome

What is Difference between Cute and Handsome? Like any slang term used by today’s generation of young people, the exact difference between cute and handsome cannot be explained. The definition varies in its range of meanings depending on whether a boy describes a girl, a girl describes a boy, or a boy describes a boy. Some people believe that cute and handsome refer only to physical characteristics, while others believe that only cute can be a personality trait, and there is another third group that believes that cute and handsome are the best terms to describe a person inside and outside.

Difference between Cute and Handsome

Physical Characteristics

Lindo refers more or less to the quality of “boy or girl next door”, healthy and typically American. A cute person is in fact attractive, but in a conventional and innocent way. Cute people have an average or above average figure, but if they are out of shape, boys are usually thin while girls may be slightly overweight at the hips and chest. Lindo can be a very compassionate term, especially if it is used by your partner.

Handsome refers to styles that fit into the category of aspiring model or porn star. Beautiful people take time to sculpt their bodies according to their ideal of perfection, while at the same time taking care of their hair and skin by investing a lot of money. Obviously beautiful people are attractive, but in a way they transmit everywhere: sex and high costs of care. It could be possible that you do not know beautiful people personally, and that you have only seen them in movies or fashion magazines.

Desired Actions

  • The consensus is that beautiful people are good boyfriends / girlfriends. When you find a cute person at a party, your personality or actions will probably first be attracted to you. Only later when your friend asks you if you liked such a person, you will answer: “He is cute.” Cute people are excellent for long-term relationships, embracing in the movies or eventually marriage.
  • Since beautiful people know that their appearance is temporary, their actions are often frantic. Beautiful people exude sexual vibrations bordering on libertine. Most people prefer to “roll up” with a beautiful person than to have a relationship. It is believed that a person who spends so much time in their appearance wants to show off whenever possible. The impression is that beautiful people excel in casual sex but not much more than that.
  • These words can also be used depending on the situation indicated. For example, you can tell your mom that your boyfriend is cute, but you tell your friends that he is gorgeous. Since these terms have not been coded, you choose.


  1. Handsome and cute are slang words that are used to describe appearance or personality traits.
  2. Beautiful people are healthy and moderately attractive while beautiful people look amazing and often have dissipated morality.
  3. Beautiful people are good candidates for a relationship, beautiful people do not.

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