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Difference between Crow and Raven

Difference between Crow and Raven

Both crows and ravens are blackbirds that are found in North America, but there are some key differences between these two species. Crows are smaller than ravens, and they have a more triangular-shaped heads. Ravens are larger than crows, and they have a more square-shaped heads. Ravens also have a deeper voice than crows. These differences can help you tell the two species apart.

What is Crow?

Crow is a bird native to North America that is well known for its distinctive black feathers and long, sharp beak. While crows are often seen flying overhead in large flocks, they are also highly intelligent creatures that have been observed using tools, solving complex problems, and communicating with each other using a highly-sophisticated language. These remarkable birds can even form complex social relationships with other species, including humans. For these reasons and more, the crow is considered by many to be an incredibly fascinating bird and a true marvel of nature.

What is Raven?

Raven is a large blackbird that is found in many parts of the world. The bird gets its name from its black plumage, which is said to resemble the darkness of night. Ravens are known for their intelligence, and they have been used in folklore and mythology as symbols of wisdom and death. In recent years, ravens have been studied for their abilities to solve complex problems and remember specific tasks. These studies have shown that ravens are one of the smartest animals on the planet, and they are even capable of using tools. Although they are not as popular as some other birds, ravens are fascinating creatures that deserve to be appreciated.

Difference between Crow and Raven

There is a significant difference between crows and ravens, although these two bird species are often mistakenly thought of as being one and the same. Crows are smaller in size than ravens, with shorter beaks and stronger plumage. They tend to be more social and have louder calls than ravens, who are often solitary and prefer to keep their voices quiet. In addition, crows typically feed on seeds and small insects, while ravens are known for their penchant for scavenging larger prey items such as small rodents. Ultimately, it is these distinct differences that set crows and ravens apart from each other, making each species unique in its own way.


Although crows and ravens are both members of the corvid family, they have some distinct differences. Ravens are typically larger than crows, and their beaks are sturdier and more hooked. Crows have a reputation for being smarter and more curious than ravens. Ravens are also considered to be better scavengers, while crows often hunt in packs to take down prey. In general, crows tend to be less aggressive than ravens, which may account for their slightly smaller size.

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