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Difference between Crime and Offense

Difference between Crime and Offense

Crime vs. Offense

What is difference between crime and offense? “Crime “and “crime” are two words that people often confuse when they see the need to use them or explain what sets them apart. Strictly speaking, these terms prove to be equivalent; however, due to the continuous use of the same have been attributed different connotations that worth knowing.

Difference between Crime and Offense

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information on this subject, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between crime and offense.


Any intentional or negligent act that is contrary to what is established by law is defined as an offense. It is a voluntary or involuntary offense against another party, who comes to be the “affected”. An offense is not simply limited to the moral plane; but also legal.

When an offense is committed the rights of someone else are violated, hence the offenses are penalized. Depending on the magnitude of the same, a punishment is established by law.


On the other hand, the word crime is often used in cases where the illegal act is more serious; such as homicide. Likewise, using this term, more emphasis is placed on the voluntary aspect of the criminal act; that is to say, it is suggested that whoever has acted against the law has done so of his own volition and with the intention of doing harm, not simply by carelessness or accident.

If we only take into account the connotations of these words, leaving aside the fact that they really mean the same thing, it turns out that every crime is a crime; but not every crime is a crime, therefore, the word crime is used in a more general sense.

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