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Difference between Crime and Homicide

Difference between Crime and Homicide

Crime vs. Homicide

Difference between Crime and Homicide:- By the relationship between the two terms, people often confuse and use the words “crime” and “homicide” as if they were exactly the same and there was no difference between them. However, when we do not enter the legal field we discover that there are certain details that make these two terms; although related, have different meanings.

If you want a little more information about it, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between homicide and crime.

Difference between Crime and Homicide

Whenever an offense is committed against the criminal code that governs a society, a crime is committed. Criminal acts are not limited to taking another person’s life; they go further and include acts such as: robbery, assault, rape, enslavement of other persons, mistreating the family or the couple, not taking responsibility for children and any other act that goes against the penal code.

Crime and crime are synonymous and depending on the country in which they live there may be some actions that are considered criminal or not. For example, in most Western countries it is a crime for an adult to have a relationship or to marry someone under age; but there are places where it is not something penalized and even socially acceptable.

On the other hand, it is called murder to the criminal act that consists in taking the life of another person. To commit homicide does not necessarily require recourse to direct actions; also the omission of certain actions can result in homicidal acts.

Although in a general sense it is a highly penalized crime, there are cases where the homicide is not condemned by law (regardless of whether or not his guilt is proven); for example, in cases where homicide is committed in self-defense, when it is ordered by someone in command or higher rank (eg military), when it is necessary to avoid more serious crimes and when it is a legal duty: when an offender is executed).

There are different types of homicides depending on the relationship between homicide and victim or the status, rank or position occupied by the victim in society. Also, depending on the motivations and the number of victims, homicide is categorized differently.

Something important to emphasize is that homicide and murder are not synonymous words, since in the second case it is a more serious act that is usually done with premeditation and intention. Finally, how could you realize after reading all this information; a homicide is always a crime (excepting some cases mentioned above), but not all crimes carry homicide.

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