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Difference between Corn and Popcorn | Corn vs. Popcorn

Difference between Corn and Popcorn | Corn vs. Popcorn

Corn vs. Popcorn

Difference between Corn and Popcorn: – Among the most popular foods hitherto known, maize occupies an important place, not only because it is consumed as such; but also by the fact that many dishes are prepared based on it. From cakes to popcorn are made with corn, so it is obvious that it is a very versatile food.

Difference between Corn and Popcorn

Now, if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between Corn and Popcorn, you should continue reading, because then we explain in detail what makes the difference between the two.

Maize is one or perhaps the most produced among all cereals. When the plant grows, it throws some cobs that are covered by leaves and inside they have a kind of nucleus or center to which the grains that are the ones that constitute the cereal are attached. Normal corn is extracted products like: oil, syrup and flour.

On the other hand, the palomero corn differs from the normal one for the following reasons. First, it is not harvested the same, but is harvested after the plants turn brown. In addition, this type of corn is much harder than normal and does not have as many pores; that is to say, it is more compact, being precisely this quality one of those that plays one of the most important papers at the moment of causing the corn to explode and become popcorn.

Also, popcorn maize contains more water, but less starch compared to normal. This causes that when water is subjected to heat, water molecules seek to escape and, because there is no pore to do so and there is no strong structure of starch, the corn explodes. Finally, the white part that makes the popcorn is precisely the starch spilled because of the release of water vapor contained within each grain of corn.

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