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Difference between Contact Lenses and Glasses | Contact Lenses vs Glasses

Difference between Contact Lenses and Glasses | Contact Lenses vs Glasses

Contact Lenses vs Glasses

Difference between Contact Lenses and Glasses:- Usually when people have eye problems they are prescribed glasses or contact lenses depending on the type of problem and the preferences of each. As both types of lenses are frequently used, sometimes some may feel confused about the difference between one type and another. If you want to know the difference between contact lenses and glasses, continue reading, because then we explain it to you.

Difference between Contact Lenses and Glasses

Common lenses are also known as glasses or glasses. They consist of a frame that holds the lenses whose type and characteristics depend on the needs of each individual.

Although it has become fashionable to wear eyeglasses lately even if you do not have any medical needs, the truth is that in most cases those who use them do so to correct or control vision problems.

There are other types of lenses, among which well-known are the sunglasses. These are generally not used for the same purpose as eyeglasses, but to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays and dust.

The earliest and earliest records of use of lenses to increase vision capacity date back to the 5th century BC in Egypt, however, as it is counted; The first eyeglasses as we know them today were developed by Giordano of Pisa in 1286 AD in Italy.

Contact lenses
On the other hand, in the case of contact lenses there is no frame; but the lenses are placed directly on the eye.

They are also known as lenses and can be used for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.

The idea of ​​contact lenses is generally attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci in 1508, but the first successful example in the development of this type of lenses is due to the German Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick in 1887.

Finally, because of their characteristics, contact lenses should be replaced more regularly than glasses. In addition, the process of hygiene and care is much more delicate compared to glasses.

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