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Difference between Confederate and Union Constitution

Difference between Confederate and Union Constitution

The Confederate Constitution was written in 1861 and was modeled after the United States Constitution. There are some key differences between the two, however. One big difference is that the Confederate Constitution allows for slavery, while the US Constitution does not. Additionally, the Confederate Constitution gives more power to the states than the US Constitution does. Finally, the Confederate Constitution includes a provision that allows for secession from the Union, which is not found in the US Constitution.

What is Confederate Constitution?

  • The Confederate Constitution was the charter document of the Confederate States of America, which existed from 1861 to 1865. The Confederate Constitution was modeled after the United States Constitution, but with several key differences.
  • For instance, the Confederate Constitution included a clause that protected slaveholders’ rights to own slaves, and it also gave state governments more power than the federal government.
  • Ultimately, the Confederate Constitution was unable to hold the Confederate States together, and it was superseded by the Reconstruction Constitution after the Civil War. Nevertheless, the Confederate Constitution remains an important part of American history.

What is Union Constitution?

  • Union Constitution is a document that sets forth the rules and regulations governing the Union. It establishes the Union as a separate and independent entity, with its own government and laws.
  • The Union Constitution also outlines the rights and duties of Union citizens, as well as the Union’s relationship with other nations. Finally, the Union Constitution serves as a symbol of the Union’s commitment to liberty and justice for all.
  • Union Constitution is the embodiment of the Union’s values and ideals, and it serves as a reminder that the Union is a nation founded on principles of equality and democracy.

Difference between Confederate and Union Constitution

The Confederate and Union Constitutions differed in a few key ways. The Confederate Constitution included language about the importance of slavery, while the Union Constitution did not.

  • Confederate states also had the right to secede from the Union, while Union states did not.
  • Finally, the Confederate Constitution placed more power in the hands of the president than the Union Constitution did.
  • These differences were reflective of the different goals and values of the Confederate and Union states.
  • The Confederate states were primarily interested in preserving their way of life, while the Union states were focused on creating a more centralized government.

As a result, these two Constitutions reflected the different priorities of their respective state governments.


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