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Difference between Concubine and Mistress

Difference between Concubine and Mistress

Concubine vs. Lover

What is Difference between Concubine and Lover? Undoubtedly, human relationships are enormously complex, especially when they focus on the romantic and loving aspect; since in these cases some situations can appear with more frequency and intensity that when they cannot be solved, they must at least be understood as clearly as possible.

Below this post is all about the difference between concubine and lover.

Difference between Concubine and Lover

The family is considered the core of society and traditionally marriage is the first step to form it, however, today and throughout history have been established other types of “agreements” that differ from the matrimonial matter.

Frequently, in these cases in which marriage marriages are discussed, there is also talk about lovers and concubines, two titles offered to those women who, although maintaining a relationship with a man, they are not legally their wives. If you have doubts about what the difference is between concubine and lover or just looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know around to this interesting topic.


A concubine is a woman who maintains a relationship that is not matrimonial, but almost equals marriage, with a man with who for some reason has not legally joined. The man may or may not be married and in certain cases, when the man is of very high economic and social status usually has several concubines.

Many historical rulers had both concubines and wives. Historically concubines were accepted voluntarily or by family agreement and were thus provided with economic security. In spite of everything, the legal status of concubines has always been considered inferior to that of the wives, since the latter are united in marriage; which is why, although the sons of the concubines were recognized as descendants of the man who held them, they received a smaller portion of the inheritance of their father.


On the other hand, a lover is a female companion who is not married to her partner, who is in marriage to someone else. In this case, the relationship is kept secret so the wife does not know. The lover does not live with her partner, but the relationship is considered semi-permanent. Normally, the relationship between a married man and his lover is considered very emotional and also (almost always) economic-social. The married man has no legal responsibilities to his lover and likewise, the lover has no obligations to the man.

Finally, the main difference between a mistress and a concubine is that the former maintains a secret relationship that is usually morally condemned; while the second possibility has a normal (almost marital) relationship in which only the legal aspect recognized by the union is absent.

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