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Difference between Composer and Musician

Difference between Composer and Musician

Composer vs. Musician

Difference between Composer and Musician: – There is much confusion as to the use of terms that are commonly used together or that share some relationship. This means that a large number of people assume that certain words have the same meaning or that they are interchangeable; when in fact it is not so.

Difference between Composer and Musician

With the terms ‘musician’ and ‘composer’ it is frequent to give the aforementioned confusions, for this reason then we explain to you what the difference between both is so that you do not make mistakes.


A musician is a person who plays an instrument or who has some musical talent. Although there are cases where they compose their own music, not necessarily all musicians write music. In most cases they simply play the compositions of someone else.


On the other hand, a composer is someone who creates music. Who composes knows the music and somehow must have musical talent, therefore, it can be said that a composer is also a musician; even if you do not play any music. Your role is only to write the music.

Now, it is important to highlight a small differentiation that has come to present more by the everyday use of words than by their true meaning of them. We refer to the fact that although ‘composer’ is defined as we explained above, in a general sense this term is associated with those who writes classical music; modern music, or pop. In the last cases mentioned (when the music takes the form of a song) he is often called a writer or songwriter.

Key differences between Composer and Musician

  • Every composer is also a musician, but not every musician is a composer.
  • The composer is the one who writes and knows the music, while the musician is the one who plays an instrument or plays a piece of music.

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