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Difference between Communism and Democracy

Difference between Communism and Democracy

Communism vs. Democracy

What is Difference between Communism and Democracy? Communism and democracy are two different ideologies that have made a great impact on the world. Communism can be termed as a socioeconomic structure that represents the establishment of a classless, egalitarian and stateless society. Democracy is a political system of government, carried out by people directly or through elected representatives. Below this post is all about the Difference between communism and democracy.

Difference between Communism and Democracy

Communism is a political ideology that is based on common property, is primarily concerned with equality and equity. In communism, power is exercised by a group of people who decide on the course of action. This is the group of people who decide on the activities of citizens. These groups of people can intervene in the public life of others. On the other hand, democracy, which is also synonymous with equality in society, is governed by a group of elected people. Democracy is a government of the people and elected representatives are bound to fulfill the wishes of society.

One great difference observed between democracy and communism lies in economic systems. In communism, the government has total control over the production and distribution of goods and all resources are shared in society equally. But in democracy, this is not the case.

In communism, it is the community or society that has the greatest resources and production. This helps to prevent the one person or a group of them from rising to a higher position than others or becoming wealthy. But in democracy, free entrepreneurship is allowed, which means that individuals or groups can have their own businesses. This leads to rich and poor people in this society.

There are no specific principles that define democracy. But it is based on the principle of equality and freedom. It is also based on the principle that all citizens have the same rights. Another principle that defines democracy is that citizens have certain freedoms and they are protected by the Constitution. In communism private property is not allowed, whereas in communism it is.

Key Differences between Communism and Democracy

Communism proposes a society without classes and without State, whereas in the democracy the government is chosen and there are different social classes.

In a democracy, private property is allowed, but in communism it is the government that controls the distribution of goods and there is no private property.

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