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Difference between Common and Proper Nouns | Common vs. Proper Noun

Difference between Common and Proper Nouns | Common vs. Proper Noun

Common vs. Proper Nouns

Difference between Common and Proper Nouns: – The origin of the common nouns was probably a consequence of the need to classify and differentiate one thing from the other, however, in the case of the proper nouns of people, beyond differentiating them; they also understand meanings that assign them characteristics that everyone owns or wants to own.

Now, besides that there are many people who ignore that proper nouns are not only limited to people; it also turns out that there is often confusion about what is the difference between common nouns and proper nouns.

What is Difference between Common and Proper Nouns

If you have doubts about this topic or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain everything in more detail.

Proper Nouns
Proper nouns can correspond to people, places, things, brands and even ideas. There is a grammar rule that says that whenever you type this type of nouns must be done with the first letter in capital letters.

Proper nouns include the following categories: family nouns, towns, cities, countries, streets, continents, states, institutions, teams, clubs, boats, boats, events, festivals, among others.

Examples of proper nouns:

  • Jamaica
  • Toyota
  • Mariana
  • Olympic Games
  • Nike
  • Real Madrid

Common Nouns
On the other hand, “common nouns” are those words that are used in a general sense to refer to people, places and things; or more specifically, to specify the class or type of person, place or thing in question. There are words like car, teacher and city that are just general terms that do not provide great information about things in particular. The most popular categories of common nouns:

  • Abstract nouns: ideas, concepts and things that is not tangible.
  • Full nouns: things that look and feel.
  • Collective nouns: which describe groups of other nouns?


Finally, it is good to remember that what makes the difference between own and common nouns is the fact that the former refer to something specific or particular; while the other does not.

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