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Difference between Commercial Bank and Development Bank

Difference between Commercial Bank and Development Bank

Do you understand the difference between a commercial bank and a development bank? Although both banks provide services that enable individuals and businesses to finesse their financial needs, there are different areas of specialization which have shaped their roles in the modern economy. From accessibility to interest rate policies, the distinctions between these two banking institutions are complex. In this blog post, we’ll explore how each type of organization operates with an eye toward explaining why they differ so significantly. By analyzing relevant topics like client focus and service provisioning, readers will gain greater insight into the nuances between commercial banking and development banking.

What is Commercial Bank?

  • Commercial Banks are financial institutions that provide services such as checking and savings accounts, loans, investments, and insurance to the general public. Commercial banking serves the day-to-day needs of individuals and businesses by providing a wide range of banking products and services.
  • Commercial banks offer traditional banking services such as deposit accounts for businesses, credit cards for consumers and small business owners, vehicle financing for car buyers, mortgages for home buyers, investment options to customers hoping to grow their savings, many tax-advantaged account types, and business consulting services.
  • Commercial banks also aid in stock market trading with bond underwriting services, foreign exchange markets access for customers involved with international trade, as well as fraud monitoring, and other security services to keep customers’ money safe when conducting transactions online. Commercial Banking is an important part of the global economy that helps power commerce within nations around the world.

What is Development Bank?

  • Development banks exist to facilitate economic development by helping to promote growth, create jobs, and act as a source of capital for entrepreneurs. Development banks are government-sponsored organizations that provide funding and technical assistance to local businesses and companies in the form of low-interest loans, investment products, and establishing credit lines for commerce.
  • These banks operate domestically as well as abroad in developing countries; attention is placed on poverty alleviation, infrastructure investment, social housing programs, agricultural projects, forestry investments, mineral exploitation, trade expansion, etc.
  • Development banks have worked in tandem with other countries governments and international financial institutions such as the World Bank to prepare countries for access to global free trade markets. Development banking provides communities with a means of stimulating their economies while at the same time preserving environmental resources.

Difference between Commercial Bank and Development Bank

Commercial banks and development banks are both types of financial institutions that provide services to a variety of customers, though they differ significantly in their function.

  • Commercial banks primarily focus on helping individuals and businesses manage their finances, including providing savings accounts, loans, and other financial services.
  • In contrast, development banks focus on supporting economic growth by financing projects such as public infrastructure, medical research, and business start-ups.

Both commercial banks and development banks provide vital services for society, but serve different needs; where commercial banks provide traditional banking needs for individuals and companies alike, development banks promote investment into research- and technology-based projects with the potential for larger returns over longer periods of time.


Commercial banks are profit-maximizing organizations that provide various financial services to their customers like accepting deposits, lending money, etc. on the other hand Development banks are specialized financial institutions that invest in long-term projects with a motive to promote the economic development of a country. These were the major difference between commercial bank and development bank. We hope this article helped you understand the basic concepts of both these types of banks clearly.

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