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Difference between Coif and Quaff

Difference between Coif and Quaff

What’s the difference between a coif and a quaff? You might not know the answer to that question, but after reading this blog post, you will! A coif is a type of hair style where the hair is clipped close to the head. A quaff, on the other hand, is a more voluminous hairstyle where the hair is styled away from the face. So now that you know the difference, which one do you prefer?

What is Coif?

Coif is a type of medieval headgear that was popular among European knights during the 12th and 13th centuries. It consists of a close-fitting hood or cap that covers the head and neck, with a flap that covers the back of the neck and extends down to the shoulders. Coifs were often made of leather or wool, and were often lined with fur for extra warmth. They were typically worn under a helmet, and helped to protect the wearer’s head from injury in battle. Today, coifs are still worn by members of historical reenactment groups and by anyone who wants to add a touch of medieval flair to their wardrobe.

What is Quaff?

Quaff hairstyle was a popular choice for men in the 60s and 70s. The Quaff hairstyle is characterized by short sides and back with long, often curly hair on top. Quaff haircuts were often styled with gel or pomade to create a sleek, wet look. Today, the Quaff hairstyle has made a comeback among young men who are looking for a retro-inspired look. While the Quaff haircut is still relatively short, it has a bit more length on top than traditional crew cuts. This allows for some styling options, such as combing the hair into a Quiff or sweeping it to the side. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner rock star or simply want a stylish and easy-to-maintain hairstyle, the Quaff is a great option.

Difference between Coif and Quaff

Coif and quaff may look similar, but they are actually two different styles of hairstyle. Coif is a type of hairpiece that covers the head and neck. It is typically worn by men and is often made of leather or cloth. Quaff, on the other hand, is a type of hairstyle that is achieved by shaving the sides and back of the head while leaving the top area longer. This style is often worn by women and can be styled in various ways. So, while coif and quaff may appear to be similar, they are actually two distinct styles.


So, what is the difference between a coif and a quaff? In short, a coif is a style of haircut where all of the hair is pulled back from the face, while a quaff is a hairstyle that features hair that is styled to stick up in the front. If you’re looking for an updated look for your next event or just want to switch things up, try one of these styles!

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