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Difference between CJ and YJ

Difference between CJ and YJ

There is a big difference between CJ and YJ Jeeps. While they are both Wranglers, the CJ model is more true to the original Jeep design while the YJ has more modern updates. If you’re looking for a classic Jeep experience, go with a CJ. If you want a Wrangler that feels more like what you see on the road today, go with a YJ. Of course, these are just general guidelines – there are plenty of modified Jeeps out there that defy categorization! Whatever your choice, enjoy your Jeep ride!

What is CJ?

For over 70 years, the Jeep CJ (short for “Civilian Jeep”) has been one of the most iconic off-road vehicles in the world. Originally developed for military use during World War II, the CJ went on to become a favorite of outdoors enthusiasts and off-roaders thanks to its rugged design and go-anywhere attitude. Today, there are a number of different Jeep CJ models available, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a classic trailblazer or a modern dream machine, there’s a Jeep CJ that’s perfect for you.

What is YJ?

YJ jeeps are Wranglers that were manufactured from 1987 to 1995. The “YJ” designation stands for “Youthful Jeep.” These jeeps were designed to be more comfortable and practical than their predecessors, the CJ jeeps. They featured an updated suspension and a larger windshield, as well as new square headlights. YJ jeeps are popular with collectors and off-road enthusiasts alike. Many people enjoy modification and customization projects with these vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a classic Jeep to take on the trails or a unique project car, a YJ jeep is a great option.

Difference between CJ and YJ

The CJ and YJ Jeep models are two of the most popular Jeep models on the market. But what’s the difference between them? The CJ, or “Civilian Jeep,” was produced from 1945 to 1986. It was designed for use by the military, but it quickly gained popularity as a civilian vehicle as well. The YJ, or “Wrangler,” was introduced in 1987 and remained in production until 1995. It featured a more modern design and a wide range of upgrades, making it one of the most popular Jeep models ever produced. Today, both the CJ and YJ are highly sought-after vehicles, and they continue to be popular choices for off-road enthusiasts around the world.


While there are many differences between CJ and YJ Jeeps, the most significant one is that the YJ has a coil spring suspension system while the CJ does not. This makes the ride smoother on the YJ than on the CJ. In addition, the YJ has a more aerodynamic design which improves fuel economy. If you’re looking for a Jeep with a better ride and improved gas mileage, go with a YJ.

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