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Difference between Civic and STI

Difference between Civic and STI

There is a big difference between the Civic and STI models from Honda and Subaru. The Civic is a great everyday car that is comfortable and efficient, while the STI is tuned for performance and has more powerful engines. If you are looking for a daily driver that also offers some fun weekend driving, the Civic is a better option, but if you want a car that will really perform on the track or back roads, go with the STI.

What is Civic?

Civic is a car manufactured by Honda. It was first introduced in 1972 and has been in production ever since. The Civic is available in a variety of body styles, including sedan, coupe, and hatchback. It is also available with a choice of engines, including petrol and diesel. The Civic has a reputation for being reliable and economical, and it has won numerous awards over the years. Today, the Civic remains one of the most popular cars on the road, with millions of units sold worldwide.

What is STI?

STI car is the collective name for a group of high-performance cars manufactured by Subaru. STI stands for Subaru Tecnica International, the motorsport division of Subaru. STI cars are typically tuned for better performance than regular Subaru cars and often come with additional features such as body kits and aerodynamic upgrades. STI models include the WRX STI, BRZ STI, and Forester STI. The most famous STI car is the Impreza WRX STI, which has been featured in movies, video games, and other forms of popular culture. STI cars are generally more expensive than regular Subarus but offer enhanced performance and styling.

Difference between Civic and STI

Civic and STI are two entirely different models of cars. Civic is a lower-end model that is more affordable and economical, while STI is a high-end performance model that is significantly more expensive. Civic is typically only available with a naturally aspirated engine, while STI comes standard with a turbocharged engine. Civic is also less powerful than STI, with peak horsepower numbers around 205 hp. In contrast, STI models have power outputs of over 300 hp. When it comes to handling and suspension, Civic is again more basic than STI. Civic comes with front-wheel drive, while STI has all-wheel drive. STI also has significantly more advanced suspension and brakes. In short, Civic is a more affordable and practical option for the average driver, while STI is a better choice for those who want high performance and are willing to pay for it.


The Honda Civic and Subaru WRX STI are both popular cars on the road today. They offer great features and benefits for drivers, but there are some key differences that set these two vehicles apart. We’ve outlined the main points of difference between the Civic and STI so you can make an informed decision about which car is right for you.

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