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Difference between Cider and Beer | Cider vs. Beer

Difference between Cider and Beer | Cider vs. Beer

Cider vs. Beer

Difference between cider and beer: – Both cider and beer are alcoholic beverages; however, they are different although sometimes it is difficult to differentiate them. They share certain similarities, but they are not the same thing and, for this reason, we must know how to differentiate them. The ingredients of beer and cider are different as well as the time or period of time in which they originated.

Difference between Cider and Beer

If you have doubts about what is the Difference between cider and beer or just looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then continue reading, because below we explain everything you need to know around to this interesting topic.

Beer is considered one of the oldest alcoholic beverages among which are still consumed today. After water and tea, it is the third most consumed drink worldwide.

It is believed that those who invented beer were women. Since some findings suggest that in ancient societies the elaboration of this drink was considered like a feminine work because the same women who were in charge to cultivate and to cut the barley, whereas the men dedicated to the hunting.

It should be noted that even though barley is the main ingredient in most beers, some are made from malt grains, wheat and hops. There are even beers that contain fruits.

Usually, the alcohol content in beers is between 4% and 6%; however, there are some that barely have 0.5% and others that reach up to 20%.

On the other hand, the cider is almost as old as beer and was the most popular drink when the immigrants who later became North America began to arrive; its greater popularity was due to the fact that the ingredients to elaborate it could be acquired more easily, since they are nothing more than pulp and apple juice.

It is worth mentioning that even if they follow a similar process for their elaboration, drinks similar to AIDS, but made from other fruits; are not considered as ciders although some people decide to assign that label.

In some places, the cider is only conceived with alcohol, while in others the two options are: with and without alcohol. The percentage of alcohol present in this drink ranges from 1.2% to 12%. The process of fermentation that follows is very similar to that of wine and takes longer than that of beer.

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