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Difference Between CID and CBI

Difference Between CID and CBI

Do you often get confused between the terms CID and CBI? If yes, then it’s time to set the record straight! Everyone has a basic understanding on who they are and what they do but very few people take enough interest to understand their roles in detail. It is important to be aware of their individual characteristics as well as differences so that when a situation arises where both agencies come into play, we can understand which one is suitable for certain types of cases. In this blog post, I will explain the primary difference between CID and CBI in depth and make sure by the end of it all your queries regarding these two police forces have been cleared.

What is CID?

  • CID, short for Crime Investigation Department, is a specialized division of law enforcement agencies throughout the world. CID sections employ investigative strategies and techniques to solve complex crimes and focus on the investigation of offenses that are important to society such as terrorism, cybercrime, abduction, and counterfeiting.
  • CID officers often specialize in specific criminal activities so they can better develop operations and an understanding of how organized criminal networks operate.
  • The CID officer’s work includes conducting interviews, searching databases and records systems, analyzing evidence, and networking with local police and law enforcement agencies worldwide to identify suspects in investigations. CID professionals work diligently to protect people from dangerous criminals while honouring their civil rights during investigations.

What is CBI?

  • CBI, or the Central Bureau of Investigation, is the prominent investigative agency in India that works under the jurisdiction of the Government of India.
  • CBI has a responsibility to look into some of the most serious and complex cases regarding corruption, economic offenses, violations of human rights, and serious crimes that involve a multi-state dimension. CBI is also responsible for developing and coordinating with other CBIs located in different states throughout India.
  • CBI uses modern techniques such as scientific tools and forensic technologies to probe and investigate their cases, making it an example for other state-level investigative agencies around the world. CBI works diligently to protect the fundamental rights of citizens by taking necessary actions against individuals who indulge in any criminal activity.

Difference Between CID and CBI

CID and CBI are two of India’s most powerful law enforcement agencies.

  • CID stands for Crime Investigation Department and is responsible for investigations primarily within the states, while CBI stands for Central Bureau of Investigation and is a federal agency that takes on cases with a wider scope, often crossing state lines.
  • CID officers are rarely transferred outside the state or region they serve, whereas CBI is fully functional across the country and often engages officers from various regions to attend to their cases.
  • CID works independently of CBI, but at times CID requests assistance from CBI when certain special investigations require further action.

In such circumstances, CID hands over the chosen case to CBI and allows them to continue its investigation until resolution.


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the main investigating agency of the Government of India. CBI is a multi-disciplinary force with expertise in the investigation, detection, and prosecution of criminal cases. The Central Intelligence Department (CID) is an intelligence agency that deals with counterintelligence, foreign intelligence, and internal security issues. CID is responsible for providing information to the government on matters of national importance. Both agencies are under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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