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Difference Between Christians and Muslims | Christians vs. Muslims

Difference Between Christians and Muslims | Christians vs. Muslims

Christians vs. Muslims

Difference between Christians and Muslims: – Both Christians and Muslims are the biggest religious of the world. Christians are number 1 in terms of population and Muslims are in second. Number of things is almost same in both religious, but there are few differences between both of them and one of the important differences is the difference of prophet, religious claims to have the last messenger of God. Anyhow let’s see few differences of Christians and Muslims in detail.

Difference between Muslims and Muslims

Christians and Muslims, as they belong to different religions, have many differences between them. The most basic differences include the Entity they worship, their places of worship, the scripture and the Prophet they follow, as well as differences in their Prayers and many others. These differences set both of them apart and differentiate one from another.

As mentioned before, Christians and Muslims follow different religions that are Christians follow Christianity while Muslims follow Islam. Similarly, they have different supreme beings that they worship, i.e. Muslims worship Allah, while Christians believe in God. Another difference between both of these religious enthusiasts is their places to worship as, Muslims compliment and worship Allah in mosques, whereas, Christians, on the other hand, worship their God in chapels.

Being the followers of different religions, both have a different idea of the individual that they consider as their Savior and Prophet. Just as Christians consider Jesus as their Savior, Muslims have Mohammad (S.A.W) as their Prophet. Moreover, Christians have their priests for the preaching of their religion and Muslims have their Imam. Both of these are also responsible for helping the newcomers in understanding the basic rules of their religions. As far as scriptures are concerned, both have distinctions in the scriptures that they base their beliefs upon, such as Muslims follow Qur’an and Hadith but Christians have Bible.

There are dissimilarities at the sub-religions level as well. Both Christians and Muslims have multiple areas or sub-religions which will make both neighborhoods more distinct, as it concerns their values, their sub-religions vary as well aside from their main religions. For Christians, they may have sub-religions such as Roman Catholic, Protestant, East Orthodox Churches, and many others. Alternatively, some Muslims follow Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, or Sufi Islam.

There are also differences in how Christians and Muslims pray while following their own religions. Muslims show their beliefs and worship through the Five Pillars of Islam. The very first pillar is testimony that involves witnessing that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad (S.A.W) is the last Prophet of Allah.

The next pillar is Salat or Salah which is to be offered five times a day at a fixed time. Another pillar is fasting or “Sawm” which happens in the month of Ramadhan. In this specific month, Muslims fast from drink and food, which is usually done from dawn until dusk. The 4th pillar is almsgiving or zakat which is a religious responsibility as they believe their riches is trust from Allah’s bounty. The 5th pillar is pilgrimage or Hajj and in this specific pillar, Muslims embark on a pilgrimage towards Mecca.

For Christians, they follow several creeds that profess their beliefs to God. In addition, they follow the Eight Holy Sacraments. These sacraments include Baptism, Eucharist, Verification, Holy Requests, Confession, Anointing of the Sick and Tired, and Matrimony. Although Christians also pray, they still have a notable difference as it pertains to the group of prayers.

I’m sure after reading the above differences, now you will be able to make the difference between Christians and Muslims. Here also mention that in both religious getting married from Christianity and Muslims is allowed, which is really amazing thing to have. Both did not accepts each other and fought a lot of battles in past, but accepts for each other.

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