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Difference between Chow Tory and Ford – Toronto’s 2014 Mayoral Candidates Compared

Difference between Chow Tory and Ford - Toronto's 2014 Mayoral Candidates Compared

There are two main candidates running for mayor of Toronto in the 2014 election: Chow Tory and Ford. The two have very different platforms, which is evident in their campaign slogans. Chow Tory is focused on moving Toronto forward with a positive vision, while Ford promises to keep taxes low and get the city’s finances under control. Here is a look at how the two compare on key issues.

Who is Chow Tory?

Chow Tory is a leading mayoral candidate who is committed to making Toronto a better place for everyone. Chow Tory has a proven track record of fighting for the most vulnerable residents of the city, and she has a realistic and achievable plan to make Toronto a more affordable and livable place for all. Chow Tory understands the needs of the city’s diverse population, and she is committed to addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality. Chow Tory is the right choice for mayor, and she will make Toronto a more just and equitable city for all.

Who is Ford?

Ford is a leading mayoral candidate who is committed to making the city a better place for everyone. Ford has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for residents, and his platform includes plans to increase access to affordable housing, create more jobs, and invest in infrastructure. Ford is a strong advocate for public safety, and he has promised to hire more police officers and invest in community programs that will reduce crime. Ford is also a champion for economic development, and he has plans to attract new businesses to the city and help existing businesses thrive. Ford is the right leader for the city, and he has the vision and the experience to make the city a better place for all.

Difference between Chow Tory and Ford – Toronto’s 2014 Mayoral Candidates Compared

  • Chow Tory and Ford are two of the leading mayoral candidates in Toronto’s 2014 election. Chow is a member of the New Democratic Party, while Ford is a member of the Progressive Conservative Party.
  • Chow has served as a city councilor for the ward of Trinity-Spadina since 2006, while Ford was elected as mayor in 2010. Chow has promised to build a “fairer, more liveable city” if elected, while Ford has promised to “stop the gravy train” and save taxpayers’ money.
  • Chow has been endorsed by several high-profile politicians, including Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, while Ford has the support of former Mayor Rob Ford. Chow and Ford have very different political ideologies, and it remains to be seen which candidate will ultimately prevail in the mayoral race.


In the end, it will be up to Toronto’s residents to decide who will lead them into the future. While both Chow and Ford have their pros and cons, it is important to remember that only you can decide who has the policies and ideas that resonate with your personal beliefs.

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