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Difference between Chipmunk and Gopher

Difference between Chipmunk and Gopher

Chipmunks and gophers are small rodents that can be found in North America. Though they share some similarities, there are some distinct differences between these two creatures.

What is Chipmunk?

  • Chipmunk is a burrowing, ground-dwelling rodent that is native to North America. They are small animals, with an average body length of 5-8 inches, and a tail that is roughly half as long as their body. Chipmunks are reddish-brown or grey in color, with stripes running down their back and sides. They have large eyes and ears, and their front teeth are very sharp.
  • Chipmunks typically live in forests, but can also be found in grasslands and urban areas. They build nests underground, and use these nests to hibernate in during the winter months. Chipmunks are omnivorous animals, and their diet consists of seeds, fruits, nuts, insects, and sometimes small mammals or birds.
  • Chipmunks are important predators of harmful insects, and help to disperse the seeds of plants. Chipmunks are hunted by many different animals, including foxes, coyotes, weasels, and snakes. Humans also hunt chipmunks for their fur or for food. Chipmunks are social animals, and live in groups of up to 20 individuals.

What is Gopher?

Gopher is a rodent that burrows underground. It has a short, stout body and long, powerful front claws that it uses to excavate its burrows. Gophers are found throughout North and Central America, and they play an important role in the ecosystem by aerating the soil and spreading plant seeds. They are also a major pest of crops and gardens, and their burrowing can damage lawns, golf courses, and other turf. Gopher control typically involves traps or poison baits, but some people also use scented repellents or ultrasonic devices to discourage gophers from entering an area.

Difference between Chipmunk and Gopher

Chipmunks and gophers are often confused for one another, but there are actually several key differences between these two animals. Chipmunks are smaller than gophers, with distinctly striped fur and large eyes. They are also more agile, able to climb trees and run quickly on their hind legs. Gophers, on the other hand, have brown or black fur and are burrowers, spending most of their time underground. They are also proficient swimmers and can hold their breath for up to five minutes. While both chipmunks and gophers can be pests, they have different habits and behaviors that set them apart.


Chipmunks and gophers are both rodents, but they have a few key differences. Gophers tend to be larger than chipmunks, and they live in underground burrows. Chipmunks are smaller and live in trees or other elevated areas. Gophers primarily eat plants, while chipmunks will also eat insects and small animals. The biggest difference between these two creatures is how they store food. Gophers create food caches, which are stores of food that they can access later. Chipmunks hoard their food, meaning they carry it around with them until they can find a place to hide it.

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