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Difference between Cat5 and Cat6

Difference between Cat5 and Cat6

There are many types of cables that can be used for networking, but two of the most common are Cat5 and Cat6. Both cables have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be tough to decide which one to use. In this article, we will compare Cat5 and Cat6 and outline the pros and cons of each type.

What is Cat5?

Cat5 is a type of network cable that is commonly used in computer networking. It is made up of four twisted pairs of copper wire, which helps to reduce crosstalk and interference. Cat5 cables are typically used for Ethernet connections, and they can support speeds of up to 100Mbps. Cat5 cables are also frequently used for CCTV applications, as they can transmit video signals over long distances without losing quality. While Cat5 cables are not the fastest type of Ethernet cable available, they are still a popular choice for many home and small business networks.

What is Cat6?

Cat6 is a type of twisted pair Ethernet cable. It is typically used for networking, VoIP, and video applications. Cat6 cables are thicker than Cat5e cables and have a higher bandwidth. They are also more resistant to crosstalk and interference. Cat6 cables are available in different lengths and colors. They can be terminated with RJ45 connectors or with other types of connectors. Cat6 cables are typically used in data centers, offices, and homes.

Difference between Cat5 and Cat6

Cat6 is the latest Ethernet cable standard and offers a number of benefits over Cat5 cables. Cat6 cables are made with thicker copper wires, which reduces crosstalk and interference. Cat6 cables can also handle higher data speeds than Cat5 cables, making them ideal for applications that require high bandwidth. Finally, Cat6 cables are also more durable than Cat5 cables, which means they can withstand more frequent bends and twists. As a result, Cat6 cables are typically more expensive than Cat5 cables. However, for applications that require high data speeds or increased durability, Cat6 cables may be the better choice.


Cat6 cables are the next step up from Cat5, offering a faster and more reliable connection. If you’re looking for a cable that can support your high-speed internet needs, then Cat6 is the way to go. Make sure to shop around and compare prices before making your purchase – not all Cat6 cables are created equal. Thanks for reading!

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