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Difference between Canon HV40 and HV30

Difference between Canon HV40 and HV30

The Canon HV40 and the Canon HV30 are two high-definition camcorders that offer a lot of similarities as well as some differences. Both offer full 1080p recording, intelligent auto mode, and a built-in lens hood. However, the Canon HV40 offers several features that are not found in the Canon HV30. These include an improved 20x zoom lens, automatic face detection with tracking, SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization, and an electronic viewfinder. So which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

What is Canon HV40?

Canon’s HV40 is a camcorder that’s designed for high-definition video recording. It’s capable of capturing video at up to 1080p resolution, and it comes with a built-in hard drive for storing footage. The HV40 also has a number of other features that make it well-suited for videography, including Canon’s superior image stabilization technology and a range of shooting modes. Canon’s HV40 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get started in high-definition videography.

What is Canon HV30?

Canon HV30 is Canon’s flagship consumer high definition camcorder. Canon HV30 offers a 10-megapixel image sensor, 12x optical zoom lens, 2.7″ widescreen LCD monitor, Canon’s exclusive “SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer,” and a new EverFocus Electronic Viewfinder. Canon HV30’s 10-megapixel image sensor enables Canon’s advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Processor to produce Canon’s famous razor-sharp images with exceptional color and detail. Canon’s innovative “SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer” keeps images steady at any zoom setting – even at full 12x telephoto – without degrading image quality. Canon HV30 also features a new EverFocus Electronic Viewfinder which tilts up to 45° degrees, providing clear and bright images even in low light conditions.

Difference between Canon HV40 and HV30

Canon’s HV40 and HV30 are both high-definition camcorders that shoot in 1080i. The main difference between the two models is that the HV40 records directly to DVD, while the HV30 records to an internal hard drive. The Canon HV40 also has a few other features that distinguish it from the HV30, including a 10x optical zoom lens, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, and support for Canon’s new XH A1 HDV codec. Canon’s XH A1 codec offers better image quality than the standard HDV codec, but it is not compatible with all editing software. Overall, the Canon HV40 is a slightly more advanced camcorder than the Canon HV30, but both models offer excellent HD video quality.


The Canon HV40 is a great camera for those looking to upgrade their video quality. The HV30 was a great camera in its own right, but the HV40 offers more features and better image quality. If you are thinking of purchasing a new video camera, we recommend the Canon HV40.

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