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Difference between Canon HF10 and Canon HF100

Difference between Canon HF10 and Canon HF100

The Canon HF10 and Canon HF100 are two high-definition camcorders that have a lot of similarities, but there are some important differences between them. The HF10 is newer and has a few features that the HF100 doesn’t, such as an external mic input and a higher battery life. The HF100 is cheaper, so if you’re on a budget it’s a good option. Overall, both cameras are excellent choices for anyone looking for a high-quality HD camcorder.

What is Canon HF10?

Canon HF10 is a digital camcorder that offers high-definition recording. It uses Canon’s proprietary HD CMOS Pro sensor and Canon DIGIC DV 4 image processor to deliver stunningly clear video. The Canon HF10 also offers a wide range of shooting modes, including automatic and manual settings. In addition, it has a built-in flash memory that allows you to store your footage directly on the camcorder. This makes it easy to transfer your recordings to a computer or other device for editing and sharing. Overall, the Canon HF10 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality digital camcorder.

What is Canon HF100?

Canon HF100 is a high-definition camcorder that was released in 2007. It is capable of recording 1080p video and features a 3″ LCD screen. The Canon HF100 also has a built-in flash memory, which allows for up to 12 hours of recording time. Additionally, it includes Canon’s proprietary Image Stabilization technology, which helps to reduce camera shake and improve image quality. Canon HF100 is a versatile camcorder that is well-suited for both amateur and professional videographers.

Difference between Canon HF10 and Canon HF100

Canon HF10 and Canon HF100 are two Canon models that differ in a few key ways. The Canon HF10 has 32 GB of internal storage, while the Canon HF100 only has 16 GB. The Canon HF10 can record up to 12 hours of video at the highest quality setting, while the Canon HF100 can only record for 8 hours at that same setting. Finally, the Canon HF10 has a 3″ touchscreen display, while the Canon HF100 has a 2.7″ display. While both models are great for recording high-quality video, the Canon HF10 is better suited for longer recordings and offers a more user-friendly interface.


The Canon HF10 and the Canon HF100 are two different digital camcorders. Although they share some similarities, there are also several key differences between the two models. The most significant difference is that the Canon HF10 has a higher resolution sensor than the HF100. This means that the images taken with the HF10 will be of higher quality than those taken with the HF100. Additionally, the Canon HF10 has a more powerful zoom lens than the HF100, which makes it better suited for capturing distant objects. Finally, the Canon HF10 is slightly lighter and smaller in size than the HF100.

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