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Difference between Cancer and Tumor | Cancer vs Tumor

Difference between Cancer and Tumor | Cancer vs Tumor

Cancer vs Tumor

Difference between cancer and tumor: – Cancer and tumors are two of the ills most feared by most people, and many of them think that it is the same, although the truth is that they are different things.

If you are curious or need a little more information about it, continue reading, because below we explain what distinguishes cancer from tumors.

Difference between Cancer and Tumor

Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrollable cell growth that spreads through the body. Like tumors, it is detected by magnetic resonance imaging.

When abnormal cell growth occurs, tumors tend to form (although not all cancers present them); For this reason many people believe that having a tumor is equivalent to having cancer, which is not true; Since cancerous or malignant tumors once they appear do not stop propagating, while benign tumors are limited only to certain parts of the body, they can regularly be removed and never reappear.

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As mentioned above, not all types of cancer are characterized by the presence of tumors; For example, when it comes to cancer in the blood tumors tend to be absent.

Tumors are formed due to abnormal cell growth or tissue disruption, which causes them to enlarge. These can be benign or malignant, only in the case of the second it is cancer.

Medication and treatment for tumors and cancer are not necessarily similar. Usually in the case of benign tumors surgery is used to remove them, but not with all benign tumors this option can be used. Some people have particular characteristics that do not make them suitable for surgery (this is especially the case in the elderly or elderly).

On the other hand, cancer treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy (radiotherapy) and gene therapy. Finally, in both cases it is important that detection is done on time; since in that way the treatment is more efficient.

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