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Difference between Brushing and Combing

Difference between Brushing and Combing

Brushing vs Combing

Difference between brushing and combing: – In addition to using a quality shampoo and applying conditioner every time we wash our hair, it is important to do other things to maintain a healthy and flawless hair; With a soft texture and a natural shine that allows us to look beautiful hairstyles like braids of 5 cuerdas or semi-directives with elegant curls.

Difference between brushing and combing

Among those other things that are part of hair care, you’ve probably heard about combing and brushing; But perhaps you believed that both words referred to the same and that you could use them indistinctly. If so, then you must know that you were in error, since brushing and combing have different meanings.

If you want to know the difference between brushing and combing, then continue reading, because this post is all about the difference between both of them.

Comb has a different purpose to brush. When combing the hair is sought to untangle the same and get rid of all the knots you may have, for this reason a tool is used as the comb, which thanks to its small plastic teeth allows to pass between the strands of hair and eliminate any As it may be, as it is also used to spread products throughout the hair.

The action of combing the hair is more complex than brushing it, you can even say that combing gives way to brushing; Since if you try to start with the latter it is possible that the process is more uncomfortable.

On the other hand, brushing the hair is an activity whose main objective is to stimulate the scalp and regulate the level of natural oil present in it. Usually carried out after combing and have removed the tangles in the hair, in addition, it is used as a way to massage and help blood circulation in the area.

By using the right type of brush, many more things can be accomplished. For example, curl, give volume and shape to hair; As well as dry it. Finally, both combing and brushing are complementary activities and one cannot say that one is better than the other. Both are necessary to maintain better health and greater natural shine in the hair.

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