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Difference between Breast Cancer and Fibroadenoma

Difference between Breast Cancer and Fibroadenoma

A breast cancer diagnosis is always a scary prospect, but it is important to understand the difference between breast cancer and fibroadenoma. Fibroadenoma is a much less serious condition, and many women live long lives with no further issues after being treated for a fibroadenoma. If you are diagnosed with a fibroadenoma, know that you can relax and focus on getting better – you will likely be just fine.

What is Breast Cancer?

  • Breast cancer is cancer that develops in the tissues of the Breast. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, but it is far more common in women. There are a number of different types of breast cancer, and the most common type is ductal carcinoma, which starts in the milk ducts.
  • Breast cancer usually develops over a period of years, and symptoms can include a lump in the Breast, changes to the skin around the Breast, or discharge from the nipple.
  • Breast cancer is treated with surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy. Early detection is critical to successful treatment, so women are encouraged to perform self-breast exams and to get regular mammograms starting at age 40.

What is Fibroadenoma?

  • Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors that commonly occur in young women. They are made up of glandular and connective tissues, and they typically have a smooth, rubbery texture. Fibroadenomas are usually benign, but they can occasionally become cancerous.
  • There are two types of fibroadenomas: simple fibroadenomas and complex fibroadenomas. Simple fibroadenomas are small and have a well-defined structure.
  • Complex fibroadenomas are larger and may have an irregular structure. Fibroadenomas typically do not cause any symptoms, but they can occasionally cause pain or tenderness. Fibroadenomas can be treated with surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. In most cases, surgery is the best option. Fibroadenomas are not contagious and they are not inherited.

Difference between Breast Cancer and Fibroadenoma

  • Breast cancer is a type of cancer that originates from the cells of the breast. Fibroadenoma, on the other hand, is a benign tumor that develops in the breast tissue.
  • Both conditions can cause a lump to form in the breast, but there are several key differences between them. Breast cancer is typically more aggressive and can spread to other parts of the body, while fibroadenoma is usually slow-growing and remains localized. Breast cancer may also cause changes in the skin, such as redness or dimpling, while fibroadenoma generally does not.
  • Additionally, the fibroadenoma is more common in young women, while breast cancer is more likely to occur in older women. As a result, it is important to be aware of these differences so that you can seek prompt treatment if you notice any changes in your breasts.


Breast cancer and fibroadenoma are both common cancers that affect the breast, but they are different diseases. Fibroadenomas are benign tumors made up of connective tissue and glandular cells, while breast cancer is a malignant tumor made up of abnormal cells that can invade other tissues in the body. Although both conditions require treatment, fibroadenomas are usually much less serious than breast cancer.

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