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Difference between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

Difference between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

Difference between Border collie and Australian Shepherd: – If you look around yourself, you will see a lot of people who are fond of dogs. Almost in Europe we can see dog as pet in every second house. Here the question is which dog you must owe as your pet? There are number of kinds of dogs, so which one you should choose? Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are also one of the kinds of dogs, which people love to owe as pet. What is difference between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd? A question that is raised by a lot of people today…

Difference Between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are special dog breeds which are usually bred for the purposes of herding livestock. These breeds are highly clever, full of energy and are the ideal prospects for training and dog competitions, which is an extremely constructive way to develop their intellect. Some people also prefer to use Border Collie Mix Breeds as they are far more efficient and healthy.

The Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd both make excellent competition and partners for canine sports activities, including obedience, journey ball, traffic monitoring, and agility and flying disk contests.

Border Collie

  • Size

The male Border Collie, when fully grown, can reach a size of 19 – 22 inches height (48 to 55 cm), and can generally weight between 30 and 40 pounds (13 to 18 kg’s). Feminine Collie’s are quite similar in size, as they can grow between 18 and 21 inches wide, and have almost the same weight as the males, usually between 30 and 40 pounds.

  • Personality

As mentioned before, they are like a storehouse of energy and are always active. That is why they remain alert, dynamic, smart and hardworking.

Boundary Collies is a breed that loves to be kept occupied, and so, may easily become weary and may lead them to develop some annoying habits, such as barking, digging and chasing after vehicles.

Collies are highly enthusiastic dogs and prosper on activity. They may be exceptionally aware of their master’s every single clue, even the simplest of indications will do. They are truly gifted with a strong mind, and if trained properly, then they can be used to herd livestock and even other dogs and cats. On the other hand, If not properly socialized as a puppy dog, Border Collies may become fearful and may develop a strong personality towards the negative side.

Australian Shepherd

  • Size

The Australian Shepherd is actually a lot longer than they are taller. A normal Australian shepherd male may grow up to 20 to 23 inches (which is about 50 to 58 cm), and compared to that, the female stands between 18 to 21 inches (about 45 to 53 cm) at the shoulder. Male Australian shepherds can gain a weight of 50 and 65 pounds (22 to 29 kg). Similarly, the females can be anywhere between 40 and 55 pounds (18 and 24 kg).

This breed has been bred to be an efficient and hard-working dog, with the capability of herding hard livestock in abrasive terrain for a long way, and does not have any smaller size breed variants.

  • Personality

Australian Shepherd isn’t the best option for a new or first-time pet owner. As they are bred to be pushy livestock herders and can take the prominent role in the house if not given the company and confident training and command. Their loyalty to their family and owner makes them extremely dedicated; as a result, they can be very offensive towards strangers. Early socialization of this breed like taking it to different places, giving it a chance to see different people, hear different sounds, and varying experiences can prove to be extremely beneficial if done while they are young.

Now I hope you will clear about the kinds of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd and you will have no question to ask about them, especially the one what difference between Border Collie and Australian Shepherd is? Here I also want to mention that both are great home pet and you easily choose one from them blindly, buy I personally like Australian Shepherd.

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