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Difference Between Blizzard and McFlurry

Difference Between Blizzard and McFlurry

It’s always a difficult decision when you’re trying to decide what your order will be at the ice cream stand. Should you get a Blizzard or should you get a McFlurry? We’ll explore the similarities and differences of these delicious treats so that next time, making an informed decision will be easier than ever! Both contain creamy soft-serve ice cream, but that is about where their similarities end. Let’s delve into some of the characterizing details between Blizzards and McFlurries in this blog post so that choosing the correct craving-buster for your dessert cravings is child’s play!

What is Blizzard?

Blizzard dessert is a cold treat for sweet tooths everywhere! Blizzard comes in many different varieties, such as ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, slushies, and more. Blizzard dessert is often considered the ultimate indulgence among ice cream fans, given the possibility to fully customize your Blizzard with a wide selection of fun flavors and add-ons. For those who don’t like traditional treats, however, Blizzard desserts are also a great choice due to the availability of dairy-free and vegan options. No matter what kind of Blizzard you’re looking for, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for everyone.

What is McFlurry?

  • McFlurry is a delightful frozen dessert created by the fast food chain McDonald’s. It consists of creamy soft-serve ice cream blended with mix-ins such as cookies, candies, and sauces.
  • McFlurries are a major guilty pleasure for many, combining the sweet taste of soft serve ice cream with tasty inclusions that can be customized according to individual preference.
  • Not only is McFlurry one of McDonald’s most popular desserts, but it has even become somewhat of an icon among snack lovers when referring to any type of blended icy treat. McFlurry truly takes dessert to another level and shows that simple items can make an unexpectedly indulgent snack.

Difference Between Blizzard and McFlurry

Blizzard and McFlurry are two traditional fast-food treats that make for an enjoyable experience.

  • While Blizzard is more along the lines of a frozen dessert, featuring creamy soft-serve ice cream with various mix-ins, McFlurry is more of a milkshake with pieces of a candy bar stirred in.
  • Blizzards come in a variety of flavors, but all start out with the same combination of soft-serve ice cream, and mix-ins.
  • On the other hand, McFlurries come in just one flavor; the flavoring comes from a specific kind of candy bar mixed into the vanilla ice cream base.

Although Blizzard and McFlurry may sound similar, there are some key differences that make them unique.


So there you have it, the key differences between a Blizzard and McFlurry. Is one not sweet enough for your taste? Load it up with toppings until it becomes the perfect dessert for your sugar cravings. Dairy Queen offers a wide variety of Blizzard throughout the year, so make sure to try them all out! And if you’re ever stuck on whether to get a Blizzard or McFlurry, now you know exactly what sets these two desserts apart.

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