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Difference between Blackberry Bold and Javelin

Difference between Blackberry Bold and Javelin

BlackBerry has two different models of phones, the Bold and Javelin. They are similar in many ways but have some distinct differences. This blog post will compare and contrast the two models so that you can decide which is the best for you. The BlackBerry Bold is a bit larger than the Javelin, with a more squared-off design. It also has a physical keyboard while the Javelin has a touchscreen keyboard. The Bold has twice the storage capacity of the Javelin, and it can also handle video playback up to 720p resolution.

What is Blackberry Bold?

Blackberry Bold is a line of smartphones that was first released in 2008. The Bold line includes several different models, all of which boast features that appeal to business and professional users. For example, Blackberry Bold phones are equipped with powerful processors, large displays, and advanced security features. In addition, Blackberry offers a variety of productivity-enhancing apps that are designed specifically for business users. As a result, Blackberry Bold phones have become a popular choice for those who need a reliable and feature-rich smartphone for work.

What is Blackberry Javelin?

Blackberry Javelin is a type of Blackberry phone that was released in 2009. It is notable for its slim design and full QWERTY keyboard. The phone also has a 3.2-megapixel camera and a media player. Blackberry Javelin was released as part of Blackberry’s “Bold” series of phones. The phone was popular among business users and students who needed a reliable and efficient way to stay connected. Blackberry Javelin was discontinued in 2011, but it remains a popular choice for those looking for a durable and feature-rich Blackberry phone.

Difference between Blackberry Bold and Javelin

Blackberry Bold and Javelin are two of the most popular Blackberry models on the market. Both phones offer a variety of features that appeal to Blackberry users, but there are also some key differences between the two models. Blackberry Bold is the more powerful of the two phones, with a higher-resolution camera and a faster processor. It also has 256 MB of internal storage, compared to Javelin’s 128 MB. Blackberry Javelin is thinner and lighter than Bold, making it more comfortable to carry around. It also has a longer battery life and comes with Blackberry Maps pre-installed. Ultimately, the best Blackberry model for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


The Blackberry Bold has a better design and more features than the Javelin. If you are looking for an affordable phone with great features, the Javelin is a good option. However, if you want a phone that looks stylish and performs well, the Blackberry Bold is the better choice.

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