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Difference between Blackberry and ActiveSync

Difference between Blackberry and ActiveSync

Blackberry and ActiveSync are two different technologies that allow the synchronization of email, contacts, and calendar items between devices and servers. While both technologies allow you to keep your data in sync, they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the difference between Blackberry and ActiveSync.

What is Blackberry?

Blackberry phones are a type of smartphone that is designed and manufactured by Blackberry Limited. Blackberry phones are known for their physical keyboards, tight security features, and enterprise-friendly software. Blackberry phones run on the Blackberry operating system, which is a proprietary operating system that is based on the Java ME platform. Blackberry phones were once one of the most popular types of smartphones on the market, but they have since been eclipsed by devices that run on the Android and iOS operating systems. However, Blackberry phones still have a loyal following among business users and those who prefer physical keyboards.

What is ActiveSync?

ActiveSync is a protocol that allows for the synchronization of data between a mobile device and a desktop computer. ActiveSync was first introduced in 1996 and has since been acquired by Microsoft. ActiveSync provides for the synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. ActiveSync also supports the transfer of files between a mobile device and a desktop computer. ActiveSync is typically used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server. ActiveSync is also used by some email providers, such as Gmail, to provide synchronization between a mobile device and the email provider’s servers. ActiveSync is a proprietary protocol and is not compatible with all devices. ActiveSync is supported on all major smartphones, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. ActiveSync can be used over a USB connection or over a Wi-Fi connection. ActiveSync can also be used over a mobile network connection. ActiveSync uses the HTTP protocol to transfer data between a mobile device and a desktop computer. ActiveSync uses SSL/TLS for security. ActiveSync requires that the mobile device have an active data connection in order to synchronize data. ActiveSync does not support two-way synchronization of data. Data can only be synchronized from the desktop computer to the mobile device.

Difference between Blackberry and ActiveSync

Blackberry and ActiveSync are two technologies that are often used for wireless email synchronization. Blackberry is a proprietary system that is developed and supported by Blackberry Ltd. ActiveSync is a protocol that was developed by Microsoft and is supported by a number of different devices and email systems. Blackberry requires the use of a Blackberry server in order to synchronize email, while ActiveSync can be used with any email system that supports the protocol. ActiveSync is typically faster than Blackberry and offers more features, but Blackberry is generally considered to be more reliable.


While ActiveSync may be the more popular choice for syncing email between a mobile device and a desktop client, Blackberry offers several features that make it a viable option for businesses. If your business is already using Blackberry devices or you are looking for an alternative to ActiveSync, Blackberry’s BES12 server should be considered.

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