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Difference between Birth Control and Contraception

Difference between Birth Control and Contraception

Birth Control vs. Contraception

What is difference between Birth Control and Contraception? Contraceptive pills are sometimes also called oral contraceptives. Condoms with a way of contraception and birth control, in addition to protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. Similar to these, there are female condoms, spermicides.

Abortion can also be called birth control method. The pills taken before and after prevent the sperm from fertilizing the woman’s egg. When men or women undergo operations to remove the parts that are fertilized from the reproductive organs, it can be called contraception. Below this post is all about the difference between Birth Control and Contraception.

Difference between Birth Control and Contraception

The differences between the uses of these two terms can be clearer after reading the following:


Birth control: anything that helps control pregnancies according to the wishes of the parents.

Contraception: originates from the words contra + conception, anti conception or anything that prevents pregnancy by natural or artificial means.


  • Stop sperm from getting in contact with the ovum (through the use of condoms or diaphragms, among others)
  • Drugs with hormones
  • Stop ovulation (by ingesting contraceptive pills)
  • Stop implantation (by intrauterine methods)
  • Destruction of sperm (using spermicides)
  • Stop the sperm from being expelled in the seminal fluid (vasectomy)
  • Specific differences

Basically contraception means the arrest of male sperm so that they do not come in contact with the egg. Contraception includes contraception and is part of family planning. When the fertilization of the female ovum by a male sperm is prevented this is called contraception. When the blastocyst implantation stops, it is called contragestion. This gives a clue to the meaning of contraception that is used today for both terms.

Use of Language

We will give an example to Susy who went to a doctor to look for advice on pregnancy control and how to manage a second pregnancy. The doctor advised the new partner to use physical contraception for a few years after they were married. Using both terms in the same sentence would be as follows: “oral contraceptive pills have become the most popular method of pregnancy control and to practice safe sex”

You can notice that the term contraceptive is mentioned here as an adjective that is used to describe the type of pills. Pregnancy control is used as a noun, a thing, a classification of several methods that may include other contraceptive methods such as male or female physical devices such as condoms, spermicides. When a person has a vasectomy or a tubectomy.

In Summary:

  • Contraceptive methods are some kind of thing, material or device that prevents pregnancy.
  • While pregnancy control is a non-material general term of the kinds of activities and medical help to control pregnancy and family planning.

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