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Difference between Bi Sexual and Pan Sexual

Difference between Bi Sexual and Pan Sexual

There is a lot of discussion about bisexuality and pansexuality these days, but many people still don’t know the difference between the two. This article will explore the key differences between bisexuality and pansexuality, to help you understand which label best describes your own sexuality.

What is Bi Sexual?

Bi-sexuality refers to a sexual orientation that involves attraction to people of both sexes. This term is often used as an alternative to the commonly used terms ‘bisexual’ or ‘pansexual’, which tend to be used interchangeably in popular media and by laypeople. Bi-sexuality is typically characterized by an attraction towards other people, regardless of their gender identification or sex. People who identify as bisexual may feel limited by gender binaries, and seek out romantic and sexual partners who fall outside of traditional gender categories. Bi-sexuality can also involve an acceptance of various forms of non-binary gender identities, such as those involving transgender, agender, and/or genderqueer people. Bi-sexuality is just one of many different types of sexual orientation and is an important way for people to express their own individuality and self-expression.

What is Pan Sexual?

Pan Sexual is a term used to describe people who are not limited by their sexuality, and who may be attracted to individuals of any gender identity. This can include people who are interested in men, women, non-binary individuals or those who simply do not identify with a particular gender at all. Pan Sexual individuals are often seen as being more fluid in their sexual preferences and more open to experimentation than other sexual orientations. Because of this, they can sometimes be misunderstood or stigmatized by others. However, many people appreciate the openness and egalitarianism that Pan Sexual individuals bring to the discussion around sexuality and gender. Whether you are Pan Sexual yourself or know someone who identifies as such, it is important to remember that this orientation does not make anyone less deserving of respect and equality.

Difference between Bi Sexual and Pan Sexual

Bi-sexuality and pan-sexuality are often confused, but there is a key difference between the two orientations. Bi-sexuality refers to attraction to both men and women, while pan-sexuality refers to attraction to all genders. This includes people who identify as male, female, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, and more. For many people who identify as pan-sexual, gender is not a factor in their attractions. They may be attracted to someone based on personality, physical appearance, or another factor entirely. While bi-sexuality and pan-sexuality are both forms of non-monosexuality (attraction to more than one gender), they are not the same thing. It is important to respect the different orientations and learn what each term means before using it.


The difference between bi-sexual and pan-sexual can be confusing for some people. We hope this article has helped to clear up any confusion about the two terms.

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