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Difference between Basic Research and Applied Research

Difference between Basic Research and Applied Research

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between basic research and applied research? If so, then you’re in luck! This blog post will take a deeper look into the differences between these two types of research. We will discuss their individual definitions, and examples of each type of research, and explain why it’s important to understand them both. By the end of this article, we aim for readers to have a better grasp on how various forms of scientific inquiry can help to unlock new possibilities for mankind.

What is Basic Research?

Basic Research is a type of scientific inquiry that seeks to explore new knowledge and understanding by looking into questions that have yet to be answered. Basic research often leads to the development of new theories, technology, and medical treatments. It provides an opportunity for improved insight while allowing scientists to challenge existing assumptions or theories in order to gain a better understanding of the world we live in. Basic research also involves attempting to answer questions and solve problems by examining all potential evidence, making it an incredibly valuable part of the scientific process.

What is Applied Research?

Applied Research is the process of utilizing scientific methods to take existing knowledge and apply it in the real world. Applied Research is often conducted with the goal of making something better, whether it be a product, system, or service.

  • Applied research can help make society more efficient in achieving its goals by discovering new insights and creating connections between ideas. Through Applied Research, companies can innovate faster while experimenting with different solutions to solve problems.
  • Applied Research also has applications in fields such as education, government, and industry as it helps to find answers to questions that can have far-reaching implications for the public.
  • Applied Research is an invaluable tool for institutions looking to increase their success and productivity geared towards a measurable outcome or impact on our lives.

Difference between Basic Research and Applied Research

Basic Research and Applied Research are two methods of research that differ in their emphasis and goals. Basic Research seeks to answer questions that may have theoretical implications, but few practical applications in the short term.

  • In contrast, Applied Research focuses on creating products or processes that are relevant and applicable now, such as a new medicine or therapy, or improved technology.
  • Basic Research can ultimately lead to the creation of Applied Research inventions, such as when Isaac Newton applied his findings from Basic Research in mathematics and physics to invent calculus.
  • Ultimately, Basic and Applied Research both contribute to improving our understanding of the world around us as well as how we use this knowledge for practical application.


The purpose of basic research is to explore and expand our understanding of the natural world. Applied research, on the other hand, takes this new knowledge and uses it to solve practical problems or improve products and services. In many cases, basic research leads to the development of new technologies that are eventually applied in various industries. However, there is no guarantee that basic research will lead to tangible results; it may simply provide scientists with a greater understanding of how things work.

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