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Difference between Baptists and Presbyterians

Difference between Baptists and Presbyterians


There are a few major differences between Baptists and Presbyterians. The biggest one, of course, is that Baptists baptize infants while Presbyterians do not. Another key difference is that Baptists generally believe in soul competency, meaning that each person is responsible for their own salvation, while Presbyterians hold to predestination, the belief that God has already chosen who will be saved. Finally, Baptists practice believer’s baptism, meaning that only those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ are baptized, while Presbyterians practice infant baptism.

What are Baptists?

Baptists are a Christian denomination that emerged in the early 17th century in England. Baptists believe in Baptism by Immersion, which is the act of plunging a person underwater to symbolize their Keywords to include: Baptists, belief in Jesus Christ.

Baptists also believe in the autonomy of the individual congregation, and they practice Baptism only for those who have made a personal profession of faith. In addition, Baptists place a strong emphasis on evangelism, and they are active in missionary work around the world.

Today, there are Baptists of all different stripes, from conservative Evangelical Baptists to more liberal Progressive Baptists. But despite their theological differences, all Baptists share a commitment to spreading the gospel and living out their faith in accordance with Scripture.

What are Presbyterians?

Presbyterians are Christians who adhere to the teachings of John Calvin, a 16th-century theologian. Presbyterians emphasize the sovereignty of God, the authority of Scripture, and the importance of personal faith. Presbyterians also believe in predestination, the idea that God has predetermined who will be saved and who will not. Presbyterians are typically organized into churches that are governed by elders. These elders are responsible for making decisions about church doctrine and practice. Presbyterians typically worship in churches that have a traditional structure, with pews and an altar at the front. Presbyterians also typically sing hymns and recite creeds as part of their worship.

Difference between Baptists and Presbyterians

Baptists and Presbyterians are two branches of the Christian faith that have a number of significant differences.

  • Baptists are typically evangelical in orientation, while Presbyterians tend to be more mainline.
  • Baptists also practice believer’s baptism, meaning that only those who have made a personal profession of faith are eligible for baptism.
  • In contrast, Presbyterian churches practice infant baptism, believing that it is a sign of God’s covenant with His people.
  • Baptists also generally emphasize the autonomy of the individual church, while Presbyterian churches adhere to a more hierarchical structure.

As a result, Baptists tend to be less formal in their worship style, while Presbyterians often have a more structured liturgy. Despite these differences, Baptists and Presbyterians share a common commitment to proclaiming the Gospel and serving God’s people.


So, what’s the difference between Baptists and Presbyterians? The answer is a little complicated. In general, Baptists place more emphasis on the believer’s baptism and church autonomy, while Presbyterians emphasize infant baptism and the importance of church hierarchy. There are also some theological differences between the two groups, but we don’t have time to get into all that here. If you want to learn more about Baptist and Presbyterian theology, there are plenty of resources online (just do a quick Google search).

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