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Difference between Baptism and Christening

Difference between Baptism and Christening

There is much debate surrounding the difference between baptism and christening. Some religious groups argue that they are one and the same, while others maintain that there are distinct differences between the two ceremonies. This article will explore both sides of the argument and provide a concise explanation of each ceremony.

What is Baptism?

Baptism is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. It is a sacrament of initiation that cleanses and purifies the soul, bestowing the gift of the Holy Spirit. In baptism, a person is born again into a new life in Christ. Baptism is also a sacrament of faith, and it is through faith that we receive God’s grace. Baptismal water is a sign of new life and purification, and it is through baptism that we are freed from original sin. The effects of baptism include forgiveness of sins, spiritual rebirth, adoption into God’s family, and membership in the Church. Baptism is a sacred rite that should be treated with reverence and respect.

What is Christening?

Christening is a Christian ceremony in which a person is baptized with water. The word “christening” comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one.” In the early days of Christianity, baptism was looked upon as a way to cleanse a person’s soul and make them worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Today, christening is often seen as a way to welcome a new member into the Christian community. For many parents, it is also an opportunity to give their child a strong foundation in faith. Christening typically takes place shortly after birth, but it can also be done at any age. The ceremony itself is relatively simple, and usually involves the priest or minister pouring water over the head of the person being christened. Christening is considered to be an important rite of passage in Christianity, and it is often celebrated with a special meal or party afterward.

Difference between Baptism and Christening

Though often used interchangeably, baptism and christening are two distinct ceremonies. Baptism is a religious rite that is typically performed by the clergy in a church setting. It marks the beginning of an individual’s journey as a Christian, and it is considered to be a sacrament in many branches of Christianity. Christening, on the other hand, is a less formal ceremony that is often held in conjunction with a baptism. It typically includes the naming of the child and the bestowing of gifts from family and friends. While baptism is considered to be an essential part of the Christian faith, christening is more of a cultural tradition. As such, it is not required for one to be a Christian. In some cases, people may elect to have their children baptized but not christened, or vice versa. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to participate in either ceremony is a personal one.


Baptism and christening are both ceremonies that celebrate a baby’s arrival into the Christian faith, but there is a difference between the two. Christening is usually reserved for babies who have parents who are not already baptized, while baptism can be performed on an infant. There is also a distinction in how each ceremony is performed. A christening generally takes place in a church, while baptism can happen at home or in another location.

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