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Difference between Autopsy and Necropsy | Autopsy vs Necropsy

Difference between Autopsy and Necropsy | Autopsy vs Necropsy

Autopsy vs Necropsy

Difference between autopsy and necropsy: – Death comes to mark the end point of our life cycle, but when it comes to our pets or the rest of the animals; this fact is no different. They also get hurt, get sick and die. Often, veterinary medicine cannot go further in the pursuit of prolonging the lives of our beloved animals. In some cases, animals may die from a problem not diagnosed by the veterinarian, or they may die suddenly; without symptoms of any disease. When these cases occur, how is it done to give a post-mortem diagnosis of what has killed the animal? Do you have an autopsy or an autopsy? Well this article is all about the difference between autopsy and necropsy.

Difference between autopsy and necropsy

Do you think there is no difference between those two terms? Well then we explain to you what the difference between autopsy and necropsy is.


An autopsy is a procedure that is performed on humans who have died, in order to find out the cause of their death. Forensics typically performs autopsies when legal matters are involved or when the deceased person has been involved in criminal matters that may raise suspicions about the cause of their death.

On the other hand, clinical autopsies are performed when a person dies of an undiagnosed disease and the medical community wants to learn more about how that disease affected the organs and other parts of the deceased person’s body.

Autopsies are also usually performed when people die suddenly, as this determines the true causes of their deaths. The examiner is a professional who may be able to know if the dead person suffered injuries (where he suffered), if he ingested some poison (what kind of poison) or if for example; suffered a heart attack.


On the other hand, when it comes to examining dead animals, the correct thing is to use the term necropsy. Like the autopsy in humans, the necropsy in the animals has as main objective to determine the cause of the death of the same ones; Or to study how a particular disease affected the various parts of the body and the vital organs of animals.

Some people may find it unpleasant to think that their pet, which they have loved so much, can be examined in that way; but in some cases they feel the need to verify the true cause of death of the animal. When this happens, the veterinarian proceeds to perform a necropsy on the body of the pet.

Necropsies, in addition to shedding light on the causes of death in animals; they are also useful for developing treatments for sick pets, in addition, thanks to this type of procedure veterinarians can advise pet owners so that they can take better care of their animals.

Key difference between necropsy and autopsy is: – autopsy is applied to deceased humans, while necropsy is applied to the bodies of dead animals.

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