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Difference between .asp and .aspx

Difference between .asp and .aspx

.aspx and .asp are both web application extensions used to create dynamic content websites. Though they have the same function, there are some key differences between the two that can make a big impact on your website development. In this post, we’ll take a look at those differences as well as when you should use each one. So, what are the differences between .aspx and .asp? Let’s find out!

What is .asp?

.asp is a filename extension used for Active Server Pages files. ASP is a technology used by Microsoft for creating dynamic web pages. .asp files are the source code files for an ASP-based website. They can contain HTML code, as well as server-side code written in a scripting language such as VBScript or JScript. .asp files are processed by the server before they are sent to the user’s web browser. This allows the server to generate dynamic content that is tailored to the user’s needs. .asp files can also be used to create custom error pages and 404 pages.

What is .aspx?

.aspx is a Microsoft extension for Web pages that can contain server-side code. This code is executed on the server before the page is sent to the user’s browser. .aspx pages are similar to .asp pages, but they can also take advantage of the .NET Framework. .aspx pages can be created using any text editor, but they must be saved with a .aspx extension. When a user requests a .aspx page, the Web server executes the server-side code and then sends the resulting HTML to the user’s browser. .aspx pages are often used to create dynamic, data-driven Web sites.

Difference between .asp and .aspx

.ASP and .ASPX are two different extensions used for web development. .

  • ASP is a server-side scripting language while .aspx is a markup language. .ASP scripts are executed on the server while .aspx scripts are interpreted on the client-side.
  • .ASP pages can be opened in any text editor while .aspx pages need to be opened in a word processor or an XML editor.
  • .ASP files are compiled into an executable while .aspx files are not. .ASP code can be written in VBScript or JavaScript while .aspx code must be written in C# or Visual Basic.NET.

.ASP pages are limited to 2GB of RAM while .aspx pages are not. .ASP uses ADO for database access while .aspx uses ADO.NET. .ASP is faster than .aspx because it is compiled into an executable.


In the end, it’s important to understand that while there is a difference between .asp and .aspx pages, it’s not always clear which one should be used. The best way to decide is by considering the needs of your website and its users.

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