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Difference between Ascot and Cravat

Difference between Ascot and Cravat

Do you know the difference between an Ascot and a Cravat? Many people do not, but there is a distinct difference. For centuries, men have been tying clothing accessories around their necks as a sign of high fashion, grace, and tradition. An Ascot and Cravat are both popular neckties today but they have different origins, styles, and purposed uses. Throughout this post, we will discuss the two to help differentiate them and clear the confusion for good!

What is Ascot?

Ascot is a style of necktie used to formalize an outfit. As the name implies, it originated in Ascot, United Kingdom, when Edward VII at the Ascot races created this look by having each racegoer to wear a cravat tied around the collar. Ascoats are distinctive in that they feature a wide knot placed close to the neck and tied end wraps around the body.

Ascot ties can be made from many types of materials and fabrics, such as silk or polyester blends, giving you many options for an elegant look. While Ascot ties are traditionally worn for race days or festive occasions, they have become a popular fashion accessory for any special occasion and have been seen pairing nicely with suits or tuxedoes.

What is Cravat?

Cravat neckwear is a traditional item of formal attire with centuries of history. Cravats originated in 17th-century Croatia and were loosely tied around the neck with fabric, often featuring elaborately embroidered designs. Cravats remained popular for more than two hundred years- becoming a regular part of men’s formal fashion in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries- before finally falling out of fashion in the early 20th century. Despite their decline as an everyday accessory, cravats remain popular choices for weddings, special occasions, and formal events where they lend an air of timeless elegance to the wearer.

Difference between Ascot and Cravat

Ascot and cravat are two types of neckwear that are popular amongst men.

  • Ascot is a type of neckcloth that is closed in the front, while a cravat is a long strip of silk or fine cloth worn around the collar and tied in the front.
  • Ascot has a broad and stiff shape with pointed wings that extends to both sides, while a cravat has short ends that often hang down from both sides.
  • Ascot requires additional accessories such as a pin or brooch whereas a cravat does not need any accessories for it to look good.
  • Ascot is usually worn with a morning dress and tails, whereas a cravat can be worn casually with regular Western wear.

Ascot is more formal than a cravat, making it perfect for traditional occasions like weddings and daytime events, while cravats can be ideal for evening dos and casual events.


Ascot and cravat are two different types of dress code that are often confused with one another. Although they both originate from the same place, they have different history, meanings, and usage. Ascot is British formal wear while cravat is more commonly seen as a necktie worn in more casual settings. The main difference between ascot and cravat lies in their formality; ascots are considered more formal than cravats. Thanks for reading and we hope this article helped clear up any confusion you may have had about these two types of neckwear. If you’re ever unsure about what to wear to an event, be sure to check the dress code beforehand so that you can avoid any fashion faux pas.

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