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Difference between Aquaculture and Mariculture

Difference between Aquaculture and Mariculture

Aquaculture and mariculture are two different types of seafood farming. Aquaculture is the farming of fish, oysters, clams, and other aquatic creatures in fresh or saltwater. Mariculture is the cultivation of marine plants and animals in an enclosed system such as a pond, ocean lagoon, or floating cage.

What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic animals or plants, often in controlled environments. Aquaculture includes the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of fish, shellfish, algae, and other aquatic organisms. Aquaculture is a relatively new industry that has only really taken off in the last few decades. However, it has already become a significant source of food for people around the world. Fish farms are the most common type of aquaculture facility, and they allow farmers to raise fish in a controlled environment where they can manage water quality, temperature, and other conditions. Aquaculture is an important part of the global food system, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

What is Mariculture?

Mariculture is the practice of farming aquatic animals and plants in marine environments. This can consist of growing edible species of fish, shellfish, and other organisms for consumption, or attempting to cultivate valuable resources like pearls or biofuels. Mariculture also includes activities such as aquaculture, biotechnology, ecotourism, and environmental conservation. The benefits of mariculture include boosting seafood production in coastal regions, providing income and job opportunities for local communities, and helping to preserve marine ecosystems by reducing the impact of overfishing or habitat destruction. Overall, mariculture represents an important approach to cultivating aquatic resources while also protecting valuable natural resources in our oceans and lakes.

Difference between Aquaculture and Mariculture

Aquaculture and mariculture are two terms that are often used interchangeably but actually refer to different practices in the world of fish and seafood farming. Aquaculture is the process of cultivating aquatic plants and animals for use as a food source, including both traditional farming methods as well as more modern approaches like hydro- or net-pens. On the other hand, mariculture refers specifically to the cultivation of marine organisms, such as shellfish and seaweed. This can be done in either open waters or in land-based systems set up to simulate ocean conditions. While these are certainly not the only differences between aquaculture and mariculture, they do help to illustrate the key distinctions between these two processes. Ultimately, it is important to understand these differences when making decisions about which type of aquaculture or mariculture operation is right for your needs.


Aquaculture and mariculture are two different types of seafood production. Mariculture is the farming of marine life in saltwater, while aquaculture is the farming of aquatic plants and animals in freshwater. Both industries have their own benefits and drawbacks, which we’ve outlined for you here. If you’re looking to get into the seafood production business, it’s important to understand the difference between these two terms. Thanks for reading!

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