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Difference between Application and Applet

Difference between Application and Applet

If you’re new to computing, you may be wondering what the difference is between an application and an applet. In this blog post, we’ll explain the difference and give some examples of each. Stay tuned!

What is Application?

  • An application is a computer program or software. Application software is also known as an “app.” It is a type of program that is designed to perform a specific task or task.
  • Application software is different from system software, which is designed to run a computer’s hardware and enable applications to run. Application software can be purchased individually or bundled with other software, such as operating systems and office suites.
  • Application software is used by millions of people every day to perform tasks such as creating documents, browsing the Internet, sending email, and more. Many apps are also available for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

What is Applet?

The applet is a small computer program that can be embedded in a web page. Applets are written in Java, a language that is platform-independent. This means that an applet can run on any computer that has a Java Virtual Machine installed.

  • Applets are typically used to provide interactive content, such as games or video players. The applet is also the name of the file format used to store applets. Applet files have a .class extension and are compiled into bytecode, which can be run by the Java Virtual Machine.
  • Applet files are typically stored in a jar file, which can be downloaded from a web server. Applet files can also be embedded directly into HTML pages. When an HTML page containing an applet is loaded, the browser downloads the applet file and runs it using the Java Virtual Machine.
  • Applet files are subject to the same security restrictions as other Java programs. Applet files can only access resources that are within the same domain as the HTML page containing the applet. Applet files cannot access files on the local file system or execute native code.
  • Applet files must also be digitally signed in order to run with full permissions. Applet files that are not signed will run with restricted permissions, which limits what they can do.

Applets have been used for many years to provide interactive content on websites. However, the use of applets has declined in recent years due to security concerns and the popularity of alternative technologies such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

Difference between Application and Applet

Application and Applet are two types of computer programs that are used to perform different tasks. Application is a stand-alone program that can be executed on its own, whereas Applet is a small program that needs to be embedded in another application. Application is written in a high-level programming language, while Applet is written in a low-level programming language.

  • The application can access the local system resources, whereas Applet can only access the resources of the host system. Application is launched by executing the main method, while Applet is launched by using a web browser.
  • The application can run on any platform, whereas Applet can only run on the platforms that support Java Virtual Machine (JVM). An application can be distributed on CD-ROMs or floppy disks, while Applet can be distributed over the Internet.
  • The application needs more memory to run, while Applet needs less memory to run. Application is more powerful than Applet. This is because the Application has access to the local file system and hardware, whereas Applet does not have access to the local file system and hardware.

An application can perform all tasks that can be performed by an operating system, whereas Applet cannot perform all tasks that can be performed by an operating system. The application software includes word processors, spreadsheets, multimedia players, etc., while the applets include games, animations, etc.


In short, an application is a standalone program that runs on your computer, while an applet is a small program that runs inside of another program. Applications are typically larger and more complex than applets. Applets are used to provide specific functions or features within an application, whereas applications can stand alone and perform many different tasks.

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